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Police booked Amritsar based renowned doctor P.S.Bedi for cruelty on pet dogs

PUNJAB NEWS EXPRESS5 | June 22, 2023 04:10 PM

AMRITSAR: Punjab Police has registered a case against Amritsar based renowned doector P.S.Bedi for cruelty on his pet dogs, He went abroad six months back by locking his dogs in a roomm leving them to die.

Animal Welfare and care service Foundation (AWCSF) rescued the dogs who were about to die and were infested with bugs. One of the dogs was unconscience. This breed (Gaddi dogs) lives in cool atmosphere but they were locked in a room without even a fan in scorching heat. Dr.P.S. Bedi lives in Block A of Ranjit Avenue and he went to Canada by locking dogs in a room. A brother of Dr.Bedi was given keys of the house to feed dogs but they were rately goven food.

Dr.Navneed Kaur head of AWCSF said that after receiving information about dogs locked in a house, their team member Ms. Vaishali reached there and contacted Dr.Bedi in Canada. Soon brother of Dr.P.S.Bedi reached the spot and opposed rescue of dogs and their treatment. The AWCSF then called police and forcibly rescued the dogs who were in bad shape.

The team took the dogs to vet doctor and a medical was conducted. The police has registered a case against Dr.P.S.Bedi under section 428 of Prvention of cruelty to Animals Act 11(1). Dr.Bedi will be arrested on his arrival to India, police said.

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