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Another cross-border love story in UP, Korean woman falls for Sikh boy

IANS | August 20, 2023 08:40 PM

SHAHJAHANPUR: Cross-border love stories seem to be the flavour of the season. In the latest one, a young South Korean woman, Kim Boh-nee, travelled across continents to meet her beloved, Sukhjeet Singh, in Shahjahanpur.

Their love story began two years ago in a coffee shop in South Korea. After spending six years as an employee at the coffee shop, Singh's life intertwined with Kim's when she joined the same cafe as a billing counter attendant.

Their friendship, over time, developed into a love story.

Singh had to return to India for a six-month period.

Overwhelmed by the separation, Kim reached Delhi, then Shahjahanpur, with the support of a friend and reunited with Singh.

The emotional reunion at Singh's home filled their families with happiness.

As per news reports, the couple recently embraced Sikh traditions in a wedding ceremony at a gurdwara, solidifying their commitment.

Sukhjeet and Kim were married at a local gurdwara in Shahjahanpur.

Singh has revealed his intentions to establish a life with Kim in South Korea.

Currently in India on a three-month tourist visa, Kim's stay has spanned a month.

She is set to return to South Korea in the coming weeks, while Sukhjeet Singh has plans to follow her after a three-month interval.

Both families are celebrating this union, finding joy in the blend of South Korean and Indian cultures.

This international tale of love comes soon after two recent incidents that show that love has no boundaries.

First, a married Indian woman, Anju, travelled to Pakistan to meet her friends who she befriended and fell in love with on Facebook. Both are married now.

In the second case, Seema Haider, from Pakistan came to India to live with her partner Sachin after they met on the gaming platform PuBG.

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