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Meet the Real-Life Hero of West Champaran, Dr. Rashid Azim Who is Providing Free Consultations and Meals to the Needy

PUNJAB NEWS EXPRESS | May 20, 2022 05:07 PM

Covid-19 first and second waves were pressing times for the entire country, considerably more in the remote areas of the nation where healthcare still has limited reach and resources. During these times, Dr. Rashid Azim became nothing less than God’s messiah by going out of his way to help those in need. During peak outbreaks, he not only provided free online and offline consultations to patients but went a step ahead to provide food and medications to those in need.
Dr. Rashid is notable in his district for providing excellent care and extending help to the villages in times of natural calamities like floods. He regularly organises many medical check-ups and blood donation camps for those who don’t have access to healthcare. During winters, he travels to nearby areas, distributing blankets, clothing, and food to the underprivileged.
On an inspiring mission
Despite Dr. Rashid’s strict schedules, he ensures taking out time and driving to nearby village alleys in the tractor, carrying food packets for approximately 100 families. In these villages, he asks around for families who are in dire need of help.
Dr. Rashid Azim says, “I want to help as many people as I can. I get together with my family and staff to prepare packets of pulses, rice, and other essential grains to distribute in the villages on weekends. Sometimes, I also carry packets of salt, onions and potatoes, and milk for babies in these villages.”
Talking about his experience during the second wave of COVID-19
“The second wave was challenging for me, as it was for doctors across the country. In our area, we were running low on oxygen and just had ten cylinders with us. However, I was able to arrange for a few more. Although demand was great and we lacked resources, I did my best to save as many lives as I could. The best part is that none of the patients who were admitted to my clinic died. I made it a point to provide treatment to patients at a very affordable cost. Some even for free, since people are poor here, and I just wanted to make my service accessible for them so they wouldn’t hesitate to come and get immediate treatment for Covid-19.”
Recalling his experience of how he had to isolate himself completely from his family to protect them from infection, he shares, “I shifted my family to the third floor. I would use a different passageway to enter my own house. It was quite an experience for all of us.”
Dr. Rashid on using HealthPlix during COVID-19
“I recommend HealthPlix EMR to other doctors, and I also urge my patients to download the HealthPlix Patient App so that we can interact more effectively and keep track of their medical information. It’s extremely beneficial for both patients and doctors, as whenever I update, add, or remove some medications during a patient’s treatment, they can follow my directions without any delay in checking the changes to their treatment on the HealthPlix Patient App. The best part is that we have a lot of emergencies when we need to provide a prescription to any patient right away. While manually writing a prescription takes a long time, HealthPlix EMR saves a lot of time in such situations, especially when every second counts for the patient. The lab and pharmacy are excellent features on the HealthPlix App.”

HealthPlix is honoured and proud to be associated with Dr. Rashid Azim and congratulates him for his exemplary efforts to help society and his contributions towards Bharat’s evolving healthcare ecosystem.

About Dr. Rashid Azim:
Dr. Rashid Azim is a General Physician with 19 years of rich expertise and has chosen to serve at Ramnagar, a small town in the Champaran District, close to the Nepal border. He studied in Ukraine and is well-known for providing excellent care in his district. He is a HealthPlix doctor since June 2021 and has more than 2000 patients registered on the HealthPlix EMR. Dr. Rashid has also been awarded multiple awards for his history of incredible social works.

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