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Dog-lover Dr. Sulbha Jindal plans big to do for stray dogs

PUNJAB NEWS EXPRESS | December 18, 2022 07:54 PM

LUDHIANA: City-based qualified veterinarian from Guru Angad Dev Veterinary and Animal Sciences University Dr. Sulbha Jindal is a dog-lover since her childhood.

She is the daughter of renowned industrialist Bharti Bhushan Jindal but her love for dogs forced her to become a qualified veterinarian. “I decided to become a qualified veterinarian not to work as a professional veterinarian but only to take proper care of my dogs and stray dogs”, she replied to a question in a very categorical tone. There was no other veterinarian in their whole family before her.

Interestingly, she graduated from Guru Angad Dev Veterinary and Animal Sciences University in on 30th July, 2008 and joined she family business on 1st August, 2008. Thus, she is a veterinary turned business woman who is wholeheartedly dedicated to serving the dogs besides working as a business woman.

Since her childhood she has been keeping pet dogs. But she observed that there were no better facilities available for treating dogs at that time following which she decided to become a qualified veterinarian to treat and operate her own dogs. With the passage of time, she also started adopting stray dogs. Presently, she has dogs of different breeds. These dogs include stray dogs also, which are kept in a campus located out of the city boundaries.

Dr. Sulbha recalls that she along with her daughter Aadhira use to feed biscuits to stray dogs in early morning. As a routine when she fed a small pup her daughter asked her to took pup with them otherwise it would be crushed by motorists. And she decided to adopt that small pup. Citing another incident, she said she decided to adopt a stray dog which came infront of her vehicle while she was on her way. One day she observed that a pup was left outside her home and she adopted that pup also. And there are series of such incidents to recall, she said.

Replying to a question, she said that she has treated many stray dogs so far. Even surgeries of many injured stray dogs have been done so far. She has also been sterilising stray dogs free of cost on her own. “On an average 4-5 stray dogs are sterilised in a week”, she revealed. She said she is also associated to a local NGO and working for welfare of stray dogs, specially the injured and sick ones.

She has big plans for the future. She plans to set up a big shelter home for stray dogs in the city. “There is a need for such shelter home”, she said, adding that however, she could not do anything alone without the help of local administration and government. She would require a piece of land, proper infrastructure and staff and adequate funds for running this proposed shelter home.

Dr. Sulbha opined that people should not be cruel to animals including stray dogs. She said people should show their courtesy to slow down or stop their vehicle in case a stray dog or animal comes on their way. “The stray animals are speechless and we must keep our humanity alive every moment”, she remarked.

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