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Young dominate the Himachal Panchayat elections

YS RANA | February 06, 2021 04:33 PM

HAMIRPUR (HP): For the first time, Young India took charge from the foundation of our democracy that will go a long way in the history of the state if the results of recently held panchayat elections are of any indication.  Young seem to say ‘good bye’ to the old clan of power in the recently panchayat elections in Himachal Pradesh.  Elected young representatives in the panchayat elections would like to do more than opening of gym, ground, mini stadium or library.

With final results out, it was found that 92 per cent panchayat representatives were less than of 50 years. Of these 72 per cent were between the age group of 20-40 Years while 19 per cent fell in the group of 40-50 years followed by nine per cent above 51 years. Till date, clan of power who preferred to open gym and a ground in every panchayat and a mini stadium or library has been unseated by the young. The results were also seen as writing on the wall for old guard who had been dominated gram panchayat till date.

The results also indicated that the representation of rural Himachal has been given to young.
Besides, women lagged behind men by winning more seats to take charge of developmental structure of rural Himachal. Around 13, 261 women have won compared to 12, 160 men that means 52.8 per cent women were elected compared to men 48.92 per cent while fifty-seven per cent winning candidates in the elections were matriculate to graduate. Only 1.9 per cent illiterate could make their way to gram panchayat in the elections.     

According to analysis of the panchyat results it was found that 39.2 per cent candiidates belong to general category won; followed by women (30 per cent). Over 61 years of age 1975 contested the elections, only 372 (1.40 per cent) won. While between 51-60- years of age, only 7.50 per cent won the elections. So far the education of the winning candidates is concerned, it was found that 48 per cent were matriculate; 25 per cent under matriculate; 15 per cent high secondary; 0.7 per cent graduate; 0.3 per cent post graduate and 1.9 illiterate.

While talking to Mr Virender Kanwar, Rural Development Minister, Himachal Pradesh said that extension of education could be the major winning reason of young. Hence, in  number of panchayats were won unopposed. Sonika Lata, 21-year of Balsa village of Rohru has become the youngest ‘Mahila Pradhan.’  It is an indication that people have reposed their confidence in the Gen-X ability, energy and will to do something for the development of their areas. Young of Himachal Pradesh panchyat representatives would show new thinking, new ideas and new energy which will go a long way in the development of the state, he thinks.

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