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World acclaimed Sidhpeeth’s Badsar assembly segment:rich in heritage but poor in development-laments Dr PC Sharma 

Yadavindra S Rana | March 30, 2021 04:48 PM

CHAKMOH (HP):Renowned Heritage Consultant, Dr PC Sharma proudly hailing
in the pedigree of Sidh Baba Balak Nath of Badsar assembly segment is of the
view that India can shine only if Bharat does but no state government had resolved
to make its rural areas hold a candle to any developed sector of the state. Out to
make Badsar segment wears an urbane look, equip it with modern basic facilities
and improve the quality of life of its rural populace.

To take his crusade forward,
he pleaded the concept of creating “Smart Badsar Segment” having worldwide
acclaim of the Sidhpeeth in view of holistic development of the area dotted with
several heritage and historical places. The concept in the area will provide solution
to problems occurred and improves the quality of life of the constituents by
utilising technology.
Dr Sharma hoped that the proposed “Smart Constituency   Concept”
would revive and improve the basic public service dimensions and aspects such as 
governance,   technology, natural resources,   rural and urban services,   healthcare,
education, agriculture, energy uses, livestock, economic services, living security,
waste management, environmental protection, disaster management , sustainable
development, banking facilities, aquatic and land sports, road and bridges, village
branding, art and culture, socio-cultural living and tourism etc.
“The Smart Constituency” platform will be a multi-stakeholder, cross
sectoral initiative that showcases how to cost-effectively accelerate the
implementation of the sustainable development goals in remote areas through an
integrated development and technology platform model. Through this model
governments can aim at increasing the efficiency, security and effectiveness of
public services while reducing their cost, promoting transparency and good
governance, enhancing traceability of transactions, and data exchanges, among
others said great visionary and missionary Dr Sharma. 
                The residents of the segment have been looking forward to some relief
on the development outages front for the past 70 years because all successive
governments did not execute some of the most ambitious developmental schemes,
educational and healthcare plans on ground. Badsar Assembly Constituency in
district Hamirpur of Himachal Pradesh situated in the lap of universally
worshipped Sidh Baba Balak Nath cave shrine still lacked in adequate piped water
supply; power shortage; ‘pucca’ roads; paved up streets; surface drains; flush-type
toilets; multi-purpose buildings for various activities; healthcare; medical and
technical institutes; sewerage facility and proper transportation etc.
              An eminent museologist and naturalist legendary Dr Sharma who is spear
heading a campaign against step-motherly treatment to the segment, proudly

divulged that the government has to play a pro-active role in ensuring overall
development of the rural poor who barely manage to survive despite surging
economic growth around. In the dark shadow of land, a silent tragedy plays out for
thousands of rural poor who are still far away from the basic amenities needed to
ensure quality life, feels Dr Sharma.  The segment greatly bequeathed a variety of
preposterous heritage in respect of geological, archaeological, architectural,
artistic, naturalistic, literary, genealogical, pecuniary and socio-cultural parameters.
Significantly, the anthropological studies have revealed inhabitation of our
ancestor -the early man in its vicinity living in the area million of years ago.
The ancient rock cut art forms and other divine sculptures have also been
found in the area. Huge biological diversity in term of flora and fauna of this
segment is too well known. As the connotation Badsar historically means “big
head” establishes literary, cultural, social and spiritual pursuits of the population of
this segment since time immemorial. The important genealogical studies have
revealed that the great socio-cultural reformer and vivid thinker Banarasi Dass
Sankhyana of 9 th  century was in the direct ancestry of Child God Balak Nath who
later presided the functioning of cave temple which continued to hereditary
successors till now disclosed illustrious decendant Dr Sharma
The successive legislators have failed in cataloguing, documenting,
protecting, developing and marketing heritage tourism despite the human footfall
reaches to lakhs of people including devotees, tourists, researchers, historians and
high dignitaries due to the presence of globally known Sidhpeeth of Baba Balak
Nath rued prominent constituents of area.                                                          
 Dr Sharma who is on the advisory board of multiple social and cultural
organisations observed that political leadership of the state and assembly members
needed vision with action to fulfill long cherished aspirations and expectations the
population. “The segment is an honest mirror but its reflections are not pleasing the
government, ” says Dr Sharma. The segment is lacking democratic and bureaucratic
will and passion to render relief to the constituents who have been crying for the
past 70 years.

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