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When Congress government comes, we will drive out all the goons from Haryana again: Hooda

SATISH SETH | March 04, 2024 02:47 AM

KAITHAL: Addressing the public anger rally organized in Kalayat grain market, today Leader of Opposition and former Chief Minister Bhupendra Singh Hooda said that the crowd gathered in Kalayat is an indication that the coming time will be for the Congress party. Encouraged by the huge crowd that gathered in the public protest rally, Hooda said in his own style that 'Kalayat has laid the foundation stone'.

Expressing deep concern over the increasing crime and breakdown of law and order in the state, he said that even when his government came in 2005, the law and order situation was very bad. But as soon as he took oath as the Chief Minister, he gave a stern warning to the criminals and asked them to either give up crime and join the mainstream or leave Haryana. Today, in the Social Progress Index (SPI) report of the Government of India, Haryana has been described as the most unsafe state in the country. Hooda said that this time when the Congress government comes again, all the goons will be thrown out of Haryana. Expressing his anguish, Hooda said that before 2014, Haryana which was number 1 in per capita income, per capita investment, law and order, sports-players and providing employment, today Haryana is number 1 in unemployment, crime, drugs and corruption. has been made. Describing Skill Employment Corporation as a den of corruption, Hooda said that the government is giving jobs on contract and is also sending the youth here to war-torn areas like Israel. Whereas other countries are bringing back their people from there. He said that 2 lakh permanent government posts are lying vacant in Haryana. The future of children is being played with through Kaushal Nigam, Agniveer. After 10 years of this government, Haryana has lagged far behind other states of the country in development.

He said that the government has trapped the farmer in the portal. Crops are getting ruined due to rain and hail but farmers have to wait for their turn. Haryana government has not given compensation of Rs 422 crore to the farmers for the last 3 years. Whereas the BJP government had said that it will double the income of farmers in 2022. But the income did not double but the costs definitely doubled. Today the debt of the farmer has increased. Enumerating his works for farmer welfare and poor welfare, he said that our government has waived off loans of Rs 2200 crore of farmers, built lakhs of houses and given plots of 100-100 yards to lakhs of poor families. Today every section of the state is troubled by this government.

Hooda said that after the elections, the change of power in the state is certain and if the Congress government comes, monthly pension of Rs 6000 will be given to the elderly, 300 units of electricity will be free to every family, gas cylinders will be given for Rs 500 to women, Rs 2 lakh will be vacant for the youth. Confirmed recruitment on government posts, for poor familiesBy implementing the free plot scheme of 100-100 yards, houses will be built on that plot.Will make Haryana drug free and will free people from portals. Will give yellow cards to poor families. Will implement the policy of bring medal, get position for sports players. Will implement the old pension scheme for the employees. The creamy layer income limit will be increased from Rs 6 lakh to Rs 10 lakh.

State Congress President Udaybhan raised questions on the working style of the government and said that every person has been given the right to peaceful protest in the Constitution, then why are farmers being stopped from protesting peacefully. He said that by bringing the Agneepath scheme, the government has betrayed not only the youth but also the army of the country. Today, one and a half lakh youth are wandering from door to door to join the army after passing all the examinations, medical and physical tests, but the government is not giving them joining. He said that Agniveer is being recruited and is being given a job for 4 years. Udaybhan questioned whether the youth will have to decide whether they want a 20-year job in the army or a 4-year job. women's justice, youth justice, farmer's justice and labor justice. Now is the time to take the right decision in the elections, if we miss it this time then democracy will end in the country. Farmers will have to take a pledge to teach a lesson to those who cheated on MSP and betray the youth and will have to unite to overthrow this government.

MP Deepender Hooda, while addressing this rally, said that now the hour of decision is near. This is a fight to save the future of Haryana. This is a fight to save the future of the youth who are facing the highest unemployment, to save the future of the farmers, to save their honor and respect, to save the honor of our sisters and daughters. Taking aim at JJP, he said that this time some people will come again in different guises to deceive the public sentiments. BJP-JJP are running the government in alliance but will fight the elections separately. He cautioned the people and said criminals roaming around the entire state. Government of India statistics show that Haryana is number 1 in robbery, dacoity, kidnapping, ransom, crimes against women and children and number 2 in the country in murder rate. It is the contribution of 10 years of Khattar government that today Haryana is at number-1 in unemployment, drug addiction and crime across the country. There is no such thing as law and order left in the state. In Haryana, criminals are living without fear and people are living under the shadow of fear. Deependra Hooda said that bullets are being fired daily in Haryana, now murders are taking place at intervals of hours, not days.

The rally was organized by former Union Minister Jayaprakash. On this occasion, Congress MLAs, former MLAs, former ministers, senior party officials, Mahila Congress, Seva Dal, Youth Congress, NSUI frontal organisations, cell officials, local leaders, workers and a large number of people were present.

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