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Police acts tough against traffic rules violators. 3774 vehicles challaned .Rs 27.97 lakh fine imposed in January

SATISH SETH | February 02, 2024 08:04 PM

KAITHAL: Kaithal, traffic cops under instructions of SP Upasana acted strict against those violating traffic rules . Under the leadership of Traffic SHO SI Ramesh Kumar, separate teams of traffic police are being formed and challans are being issued to those violating traffic rules and at the same time the general public is also being made aware about following the traffic rules.

Police spokesperson Praveen Seokand said that as per the orders of SP Upasana, the district police is keeping a close watch on the bullets having modified silencers which create panic in the area by making the sound of firecrackers from the bullet bike. During this period, 89 challans have been issued for AC Bullet Bike in the month of January. Due to the constant vigilance there has been a huge decline in the number of bullet bikes with modified silencers , providing big relief to citizens .

The spokesperson said that during the month of January, the traffic police dealt with those who violated traffic rules very strictly. A total of 3774 challans including 38 impounded vehicles were issued by the traffic police during the month for traffic violation. During the last month, the police collected a fine of Rs 27 .97 lakh la from the drivers.The spokesperson said that mainly 233 challans have been issued by the police for not wearing helmet, 108 for over speeding, 1038 for wrong side driving, 227 without seat belt, 21 for drunk driving and 4 for under-age for the safety of life and property. SP Upasana said that common people are careless towards traffic rules while driving and due to this carelessness, we end up cheating ourselves, others and our families, which also leads to loss of life and property. The SP said that the aim of the police is not to issue challans but to save the lives of the common people. The police is committed to reducing the loss of life and property in road accidents. Being a responsible and sensible citizen of the society, follow the traffic rules and keep your life and the life of every road users safe.

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