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Dharamshala Municipal Corporation unveils Rs 141.23 Crore budget with no new Taxes

ARVIND SHARMA | February 14, 2024 08:11 AM

DHARAMSHALA: In a significant announcement that came as a relief to the residents of Dharamshala, Mayor Neenu Sharma, in a landmark meeting, unveiled the Municipal Corporation's budget for the fiscal year, setting it at Rs 141.23 crore. Marking her first and the corporation's eighth budget presentation, Mayor Sharma confirmed that the budget, which was passed unanimously, includes no new taxes, maintaining the financial status quo for the citizens.

The budget meticulously allocates Rs 17 crore for infrastructural and developmental activities across all wards, with each ward being earmarked Rs 1 crore. A notable inclusion in the budget is the Rs 60 crore expected from the government, designated for sewerage systems in the merge area under the Municipal Corporation's jurisdiction, reflecting a significant focus on enhancing the city's sanitation and infrastructure.

In a move towards animal welfare and urban cleanliness, the budget outlines an initial allocation of Rs 1.5 crore towards the upgrade of Gosadan Sarah into a full-fledged destitute animal house. This initiative underscores the corporation's commitment to addressing the issue of stray animals in a humane and systematic manner.

The cleanliness drive in Dharamshala receives a substantial boost with a dedicated budget of Rs 7 crore aimed at improving the city's cleaning system. Parking facilities, often a challenge in growing cities, have been allocated Rs 1.20 crore, indicating a strategic approach to managing urban mobility and reducing congestion.

Further, the budget earmarks Rs 2 crore each for the construction of residences for the Commissioner and the Additional Commissioner, and for the development of a new shopping complex, enhancing the civic administration's infrastructure and promoting local commerce. Maintenance of public toilets, a critical component of urban sanitation, has been allocated Rs 30 lakh, ensuring clean and accessible facilities for residents and tourists alike.

Addressing the unpredictable nature of natural calamities, the budget sets aside Rs 1 crore for disaster management, with provisions for allocating Rs 10 lakh to councilors for immediate response actions, showcasing a preparedness to safeguard the community in times of crisis.

In a forward-looking measure, the government's contribution of Rs 5 crore towards a solar project illustrates the Municipal Corporation's dedication to environmental sustainability and energy self-reliance. This initiative not only aligns with global trends towards renewable energy but also promises to reduce the city's carbon footprint and generate savings on electricity.

The Dharamshala Municipal Corporation's budget reflects a comprehensive and considerate approach to urban governance, emphasizing infrastructure development, environmental sustainability, and community welfare without imposing additional financial burdens on the residents.

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