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Believe it or not, but Himachal Pradesh tops the list of diabetes patients

YS RANA | February 04, 2021 03:53 PM

HAMIRPUR (HP): If Himachalis do not check their life style, time has come to spare a thought.  Word obese was unknown in the state, now faces the ignominy of having large number of diabetes not only in the region but also at national level. A study conducted by Prof Jitender Mokta, principal investigator, FCMR assisted by Dr Ramesh, co-investigator revealed that the state has not only more number of diabetes than the states of Punjab, Haryana and Uttrakhand but also shared the top slot of diabetes patients.

In the study it was found that state has 11.5 per cent diabetes patients compared to Haryana (10.4 per cent); Punjab (10.2 per cent) and Uttrakhand (9.7 per cent) while percentage of diabetic patients at national level is 10.  The state also leads in border line diabetic with 17.8 per cent followed by Haryana with 17.7 per cent; Punjab with 8.2 per cent compared to national percentage of 14. The study also warned that if the people have not change their life-style and eating habits, of these 50 per cent people will be included in the list of diabetics in the next five years.

The research also worried about the disease is making inroads in rural areas of the state. While there are 14.5 per cent were found diabetic in cities compared to 11.2 per cent in rural areas. At national level 13 per cent were found diabetics in cities and 7.80 per cent in rural areas. The study also found that there was not much difference in the number of diabetics between man and woman. Around 11.6 per cent man were found diabetes while 11.4 per cent women were diabetes.

The Indian Council of Medical Research has done a survey of 3831 people in cities and villages that comprises 1176 people of urban areas and 2744 of rural areas. The team had visited villages, talked to people and asked about their eating habits including routine. After that a research has been complied.       

Doctors admitted that increase intake of sugar coupled with change in eating habits and life-style posing a serious health concerns to the people of Himachal Pradesh. There are around 30 medical conditions associated with obesity (one of the major reasons of diabetes) and these could develop in multiple complications such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart diseases and gall bladder problems.

Earlier a study conducted by the PGI Chandigarh has revealed that 15 per cent of city’s school children were either obese or overweight and these children have developed liver disease, blood pressured disorders and gall bladder disease. On the other, Dr Yashpal Sharma, HoD, Department of Cardiology PGI, Chandigarh said that eat with the help of brain signals and all goes well with the body. Most of use failed to estimate the requirement of food to our body as a result we overeat resulting in 40 per cent people being either obese or overweight that leads to diabetes.

Time has gone when obese was stranger in the hill states. People preferred to move on foot. With  roads connectivity up to village after village people prefer to drive and ‘moving on foot’ has been forgotten. Love junk food is also major cause of obese, says Dr Sharma.       

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