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The Blind Spot Media Launches PR and Reputation Building Services in Punjab

PUNJAB NEWS EXPRESS | January 21, 2022 06:14 PM

Ask any number of millennials today, how they discover or search information about any new product or company, and “Google search” is what they will answer. So, when Google search has become the foundation for the image and credibility of any modern business venture, isn’t it obligatory to ascertain that the information floating around on the internet regarding a company is desirable, fresh and effective in giving the new customers a glimpse of the strengths of the organisation? Keeping this perspective in mind, The Blind Spot Media has launched its Digital PR and Reputation Building Services in Punjab. 

Based out of the Tricity, The Blind Spot Media is a PR agency that caters to corporates, MSMEs, conglomerates, HNIs, etc who wish to establish or strengthen their digital presence and instill trust among the potential or existing customers. Google, Yahoo and Bing are some of the biggest tools that people use today, to unearth any sort of information about anything. Unfortunately, a ton of companies or prominent personalities are not privy to the fact that they can control and channel this information about themselves to let the potential customers glance through their strengths and services effectively. 

Most modern businesses have realised the relevance of advertising their products and services on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. While marketing on such a platform is a great practice to achieve lucrative results, it must be understood that the new visitors still search on Google, Yahoo or Bing, primarily, to form their opinions about any organisation or person. The kind of information one comes across there, dictates whether one wishes to indulge in business activities with that particular company or not. Hence, it becomes imperative not only to have your products and services advertised on the aforementioned social media platforms but also to work on the image building and digital PR of your firm on search engines. After all, a search engine is the only direct relationship between a company and a new customer. 

Speaking to one of the founders – “Many big institutes or personalities today do a lot of marketing on social media platforms, but they often forget that social media may be a good medium to reach people and advertise their products, at last a user relies on the kind of reviews, feedback or information available about the companies on the Google searches. Companies or famous personalities should be aware of what kind of information Google shows when they are being searched, so that they can work on displaying their best achievements on the searches” – he says. 

The Blind Spot Media effectively handles all these aspects of digital marketing, advertisement, digital PR, reputation and image building. Having served a bunch of businesses already, the company understands the value of performing such activities and has provided its clients desirable results. Companies that The Blind Spot Media has catered to, have witnessed enhanced customer interaction and engagement, culminating in increased revenues and profits. It is high time that modern companies commence focusing on such techniques to ensure that they put their best foot forward to tackle the challenges of this competitive world and stay ahead of the curve.

The last couple of years have made us realise that the future of any sort of business is online. The potential customers are spending an inordinate amount of time in the digital space too. It could be for shopping, e-commerce, work, finance, socialising, etc. Therefore, if modern companies don’t establish a strong foothold in the digital realm, they stand to miss out on a huge opportunity to flourish their businesses rapidly.

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