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Punjab Youth Congress marked PM Modi's birthday as Unemployment Day

PUNJAB NEWS EXPRESS | September 17, 2023 08:44 PM

CHANDIGARH: The Punjab Youth Congress, in response to the growing concerns over the state of unemployment in India, has taken the unprecedented step of marking Prime Minister Narendra Modi's birthday as "Unemployment Day." The youth organization, representing the aspirations of countless young Indians, is demanding that the government fulfil its promises of providing meaningful employment opportunities to the nation's youth.

The Punjab Youth Congress, through a symbolic act of burning an effigy of Prime Minister Modi, conveyed a clear message that the youth of India will not accept empty rhetoric or superficial solutions like "frying pakoras." Instead, they insist that it is the government's responsibility to create a helping environment for proper employment opportunities to grow.

Angad Dutta, Secretary of Punjab Youth Congress, alleged, "Every year, Narendra Modi celebrates his birthday, but for millions of Indian youth, it brings the 'gift' of unemployment. With the flames of this burning effigy, his promises of creating 2 crore jobs every year for the youth are also going up in smoke."

Dutta continued, "It is evident that the Prime Minister has little regard for the employment crisis in our country. As a result, 60 per cent of our working-age population remains either unemployed or frustrated by the lack of opportunities."

Randeep Sandhu, President of the Jalandhar Youth Congress Urban, voiced his concerns, saying, "Unemployment is skyrocketing in the country while the Modi government seems diverted with maintaining its grip on power. It's an irony that Modi often speaks of women's empowerment on stage, yet the lack of employment disproportionately affects women, with their labour market participation dropping from 26 percent to 15 percent."

The government's inefficient response to the employment crisis, stated, "Today, unemployment, inflation, and corruption are rampant in the country. Instead of addressing the issue head-on, the government suggests frying pakoras as a solution. Our Indian youth is well-educated and skilled, but they are forced into unemployment, said Bob Malhotra, President of the Youth Congress Jal Cantt.

Shivam Pathak, President of the Youth Congress Jal Central, pointed out, "Narendra Modi promised to provide 2 crore jobs, which should have employed 18 crore youth by now.” “While he served food in gold utensils to foreign friends, he neglected the basic needs of his own people. He is particularly concerned about the employment opportunities for the Adani scheme" Shivan added.

Daman Kalyan, President of the Youth Congress Jal North, expressed deep disappointment, saying, "Since Modi became PM, the nation has experienced an economic slowdown, leaving our youth disheartened. Instead of providing valuable opportunities, he has taken them away, as signified by his actions as the Agniveer scheme."

The Punjab Youth Congress reiterates its unwavering commitment to holding the government accountable for its promises and ensuring that the youth of India can look forward to a future filled with opportunities, rather than the uncertainties of unemployment. Committed to social justice, economic empowerment, and the welfare of the youth.

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