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MLA Sherry Kalsi handed over the Sanitation Park built at Bhandari Mohalla to the people

AMRIK SINGH | December 06, 2023 03:25 AM

BATALA: The sanitation park built in Bhandari Mohalla was handed over to the people today by the young MLA of Batala, Amansher Singh Sheri Kalsi. On this occasion Dr. Shayari Bhandari, Commissioner Corporation-cum-SDM Batala was also present.
Speaking to the media, MLA Sherry Kalsi said that the residents of Bhandari Mohalla had cooperated in making pits to reuse the waste and had promised the people that they would be given a sanitation park, which today is Sanitation Park. It has been handed over to the residents of Mohalla.
MLA Sherry Kalsi further said that just as the residents of Bhandari Mohalla cooperated in making pits to reuse the waste, similarly the rest of the people should also come forward. By separating wet and dry waste separately, compost is prepared from wet waste. He said that this fertilizer was checked and this fertilizer is very beneficial for crops and home garden etc. He said that by making pits, no smell (bad smell) comes but compost is prepared from the wastes. He said that this fertilizer will be given free to the farmers/people.
He further informed that 70 tricycles and 15 small elephants have been provided to the municipal corporation for the purpose of keeping the city clean and for picking up garbage from house to house, which has increased the speed of picking up garbage piles. He appealed to the city residents that Batala city is their own city and they should cooperate fully to keep the city clean.
Speaking on this occasion Commissioner Corporation Batala Dr. Shayari Bhandari said that special efforts are being made to take care of the waste under the campaign 'Mera Koora Meri Zimawari'. She said that at different places in the city, pits have been constructed for waste management, in which compost is prepared. She appealed to the residents of the city and especially schools, colleges, hospitals, factories, hotels and big institutions to cooperate in making pitts.
On this occasion, SDO Prabhjot Singh, Gurdeep Arora, Chairman Sukhwinder Singh Kahlon, Jodingar Singh Sekhawan, Yadwinder Singh Patti Kheh, Amarinder Singh, Rimpi Khunda and Shiv Kumar were present.

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