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Haryana working to establish special NRI cells: Chief Secy

IANS | May 25, 2023 04:12 PM

CHANDIGARH: Haryana Chief Secretary Sanjeev Kauhsal on Thursday said the state government is actively working to establish special Non-Resident Indian (NRI) cells to address the grievances of the diaspora and safeguard their interests.

The Chief Secretary made this statement during the 'Videsh Sampark Programme', an event organised by the state's Foreign Cooperation Department in collaboration with the Ministry of External Affairs in Panchkula, near here.

The programme aims to enhance engagement with the diaspora and foster partnerships with state governments to tackle their issues.

The Chief Secretary emphasised that these NRI cells would operate independently from the Police Department.

"Haryana prides itself on its diverse religious and cultural fabric, with a significant population of Sikhs, Muslims, and followers of other religions. Besides Hindi, which serves as the official language, Punjabi is recognised as the second language, and efforts have been made to recruit teachers to promote the Punjabi language as well, " he added.

Highlighting the state's progressiveness, the Chief Secretary said, "unlike certain milestones in neighbouring state that indicate distances to Canada and other countries in kilometres, such things don't prevail in Haryana. We are very progressive state. It is not the endeavour of our kids to go abroad only. The state also ensures that the youth are provided with ample facilities for their development and progress within Haryana."

Kaushal said the Youth Empowerment and Entrepreneurship Department has been instrumental in providing skill development training to individuals, enabling them to settle abroad if they choose to do so.

Furthermore, Kaushal said the government is actively organising seminars in universities and colleges to educate the youth about higher education and employment opportunities overseas.

These initiatives play a crucial role in equipping students with valuable information and insights about studying and working in foreign countries. Through participation in these seminars, students can gain knowledge about various educational institutions, scholarship programmes, admission processes, and employment prospects abroad.

Such endeavours are expected to greatly benefit the students and contribute to their informed decision-making regarding international education and employment options.

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