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Farmers entry in Delhi marks the beginning of countdown for fall of atrocious Modi government: Mann

ASHOK KAURA | November 27, 2020 04:02 PM

PHAGWARA: Slamming the Narendra Modi led government for snatching the democratic right of farmers to protest, the former Punjab Minister and Chairman of Punjab Agro Industries Corporation Joginder Singh Mann today said that farmers agitation will act last nail in coffin of Modi government.
In a statement issued here today, the former Minister said that the entry of farmers in Delhi marks the beginning of countdown of fall of autocratic Modi government. He said that the farmers have entered Delhi by crushing the haughtiness of Modi and company adding that the day is not far when this anti-people government will be ousted by people. Mann said that this violation of constitution by denial of protest by Modi and Haryana government was totally unwarranted and undesirable.
The Chairman of Punjab Agro said that by creating hindrances in way of farmers, who were heading to New Delhi for peaceful protest the Union and Haryana governments have shamelessly scuttled the constitutional rights of people. He said that it was ironic that Prime Minister Narendra Modi had been boasting that farmers could sell their produce anywhere but BJP government was not even allowing farmers to go to New Delhi for exercising their democratic right. Mann said that farmers were protesting peacefully from last two months and instead of listening them the Modi government tried to scuttle their protest.
The former Minister bemoaned that yesterday the entire country celebrated Constitution Day but the BJP government brutally murdered of the basic spirit of constitution by depriving the people of their constitutional right of peaceful protest. He said that the Union government had earlier ruined the Federal structure of country by formulating three draconian laws after infringing State’s list and now it was hell bent upon crushing the farmers agitation with heavy hand. Mann assured the farmers that Congress party was with them in this hour of crisis and Punjab government led by Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh was making strenuous efforts for safeguarding their rights within the ambit of law.

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