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Capt. Amarinder Singh should better enjoy his sojourn, with ‘Cheehkoos and Sita Phal’ at his cherished ‘Siswan Farm’: Bir Devinder Singh

PUNJAB NEWS EXPRESS | September 23, 2021 05:51 PM

CHANDIGARH: Former Deputy Speaker of Punjab Vidhan Sabha Bir Devinder Singh today advised Capt Amarinder Singh to enjoy his sojourn, with ‘Cheehkoos and Sita Phal’ at his cherished ‘Siswan rather than doubting the ability of his predecessor Charanjit Singh Channi to tun the home department.

In a statement issued here Bir Devinder Singh said he really sympathize with his old friend Capt. Amarinder Singh who has been badly bulldozed by the Majesty of Democracy. One could easily make out the manifestation of his deep rooted pain from his contemptible diatribe against Mr. Rahul Gandhi, Priyanka Vadra, Navjot Singh Sidhu and Charanjit Singh Channi.

He said that Amarinder's ‘Royal Psyche’ and feudal mindset seemingly bruised beyond description, because he has not only been admonished but removed unceremoniously as Chief Minister and replaced by a ‘Commoner’ belonging to Scheduled Cast (SC) category. His wounds bleeds and cries beyond crescendo when he watches both ‘ Sidhu and Channi ’ together calling the shots.

Former Deputy speaker stated that his (Capt Amarinder Singh) unnerving skepticism, expressing doubt and fear on the ability and experience of the incumbent Chief Minister Charnjit Singh Channi for managing the ‘Home Affairs’ is not entirely unfounded and speculative ; as the CM Channi and ‘The CM House’ would now lack the ‘ Excellent Expertise’ of Ms Aroosa Alam, a Pakistani National who used to call shots and overseeing the ‘Top Appointment’ in the State Bureaucracy including that of ‘Chief Secretary and DGP.

 He further points out that the reminiscence of the old state of affairs reminds him one of the most embarrassing and disparaging scene depicted in one of the exceedingly viral image of the then newly appointed DGP Mr. Dinkar Gupta and his wife Vini Mahajan (Later CS) were seen stuffed in a ‘two seat settee’ with Aroosa Alam in the middle, and the most shockingly imaging was the picture of very ‘gifted DGP’ Dinkar Gupta, who barely managed to sit on the left arm of the settee, putting his ‘ light weight’ on the body of Pakistani National ‘Aroosa Alam’ who was perceived to be an ISI agent, planted in the House of the then Chief Minister Punjab , Capt Amarinder Singh.

The unique and monumental anomaly was created in the Bureaucratic echelon of Governance; while ‘Vini Mahajan-Dinkar Gupta power Couple’ surfaced on the scene out of the blue, indiscriminately and anguished people used to describe them as ‘Clumsy Couple’ in the administrative affairs of the State, who emerged as ‘Power Couple’ in utter disregard of Bureaucratic ethos and reputable Governance Models.

In the light of the above; Bir Devinder Singh said, he would suggest Capt. Amarinder Singh to relax, rather than sulking awkwardly and bewilderingly spitting venom on those, who won the political battle, despite you and without you. He should better enjoy his sojourn, with ‘Cheehkoos and Sita Phal’ at his most cherished ‘Siswan Farm’ that happened to be a ‘Secretariat of the Sand and Liquor Mafias’ ; Who looted the State of Punjab, with brazen impunity with the explicitly known, audacious blessings of your ‘Lady love’ and beloved Pakistani Friend, ‘Aroosa Alam’.

I would also wish to advise the successive dispensation to tread very cautiously ; people are watching you very closely as to what principles of Good Governance you lay down, in a tightly squeezed space of time.

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