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Latest Bridal Makeup Tips

PUNJAB NEWS EXPRESS | April 14, 2021 10:11 PM

Your wedding is going to be preserved in pictures for a lifetime. You would want to make sure everything is done perfectly on this big day, from the venue and catering to the décor and even your outfit. 

As far as makeup goes, you would want to look your best. To help you with this, we have curated a list of the latest bridal makeup tips from makeup experts. So, let’s talk about all the wedding makeup dos and don'ts. 

  1. Have a makeup trial: A makeup trial before the big day is significant, both for you and the makeup artist. Most makeup artists will offer a separate bridal trial to their clients. Trying different looks on beforehand will help you get an idea of the look and feel and leave you confident and happy in your choice. It will also help the makeup artist to figure how to work around your face to give you the best results. 
  1. Consider the wedding season: The season you plan to have your wedding can play an important role in your makeup decisions. One should make sure they use makeup products according to the weather. You do not want to wear anything too shiny or have your skin look too oily in summer or too dry and flat in winters. Additionally, if the wedding is taking place from day to night, you should opt for a long-lasting makeup.  
  1. Use waterproof products: Weddings can get emotional. Hence all your makeup products must be waterproof. Additionally, try to have a beauty blender handy to handle those tears. It will help press the product into the skin instead of leaving marks and streaks or wiping away any product. 
  1. Use the perfect match foundation: One thing you should avoid at all costs is a foundation blunder. Ensure that your foundation should be as close to your skin tone as possible, both for your face and neck. You do not want the pictures to show your face and neck in different shades. 
  1. Choose a lip colour you feel comfortable in: The right lip shade can add a lot of comfort and confidence to your appearance, especially on your important day. You do not want to wear a shade on your lips that you aren’t sure about. It is always a great idea to spend some time in the makeup aisle trying lipsticks and lip crayons to find your perfect shade.  
  1. Keep some products handy throughout the day: Your bridal look would need to keep intact for long hours. The recipe for this is to touch up your makeup from time to time. Keeping products like blotting papers and pressed powder will help keep any unnecessary shine at bay. A lipstick and lip gloss will help you touch up and look flawless throughout the day.
  1. Use teeth whitening products: The most important part of your bridal look is your smile. To make sure you shine like pearly whites, you will want to begin using teeth whitening at least a few months before the wedding day.

Keep the above pointers in mind when making makeup decisions for your bridal look. It is always a great idea to keep some makeup items that you feel works for you on your wedding day. Health & Glow is your one-stop destination for all your makeup needs. You can browse from a host of makeup products for the face, eyes, lips, etc., to suit your particular skin type and shade.

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