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A cup of common cold

Simerpreet Kaur | March 27, 2021 12:34 PM

Meetings and greetings are a part of society. Nobody can stay without this couple of nature. And as a human being I'm keen to indulge myself in society by making new friends. But its not a cup of tea for me to be an extroverted.

Well I have been socialized with a person named as agam. She's my niece and her age is 6. We're living since 6 years. When it comes to the amount of love with her its infinite. Fortunately, we sleep and eat together and I'm here for her in all situations. As she is single father child. I always try to not harm her wishes. To complete, protect and fulfill her desires, I always put some efforts. Even some times our mother scold us for making unnecessary decisions.

She always demand for out of box things and once she demanded "a cup of coffee" from a newly opened coffee cafe. I'm not willing to reveal the name of this cafe and unintentionally I'm writing my experience over there. No doubt, there are numerous restaurants and cafes at my home town but when it comes to status symbol, this cafe is the most common place come to the mind. Even it comes to your mind who is reading this piece of writing. Due to globalization, the game is completely changed. Bunch of business chains are trespassing into other countries to explore.
In my city, this cafe is well known for its name and fame . Doubtlessly, it's an expensive cafe that is why it is very common in uncommon visitors of this cafe.
Avoiding discussing in depth about entrepreneurship and complexity I'm going to imagine you about my experience. I'm from very middle class family but to meet my niece's desire, I took her to this cafe. This infrastructure of status symbol is located in posh area of my city with alluring interior and classy design. We ordered a couple of mocha cold coffee jars of least price nearly five hundreds for each jar.
The taste of that mocha cold coffee was not that much delectable as expected. We both made gossips and clicked alot of pictures with our respected jars. Which actually the main cause of its popularity but I'm going to disclose the main quality, which might be enough for its identity. Due to an eye over its integrity and good image I'm strongly agree to hide its recognition.
The first encounter came across with its look when we received our order. We had seen the base of coffee was purely water with cluster of ice. I was disappointed though to make agam happy I drunk.
Their coffee disappointed us. Though their chocolates were quite amazing they were luxurious and tasty too.
After visiting this cafe, the very next day I and agam both were started feeling nausea and fainting. My mother took us to the doctor. Where we got diagnosed by doctor and declared common cold also we were targeted by fever. I realized the whole trouble was due to the coffee we drunk at cafe. I'm not disrespecting this place but it proved unsuitable for me or may for others too. The reason being is people visit this place for showing off their status symbol, I'm not healthy and wealthy person. This is the reason why wrote this situation under the title of "a cup of common cold".

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