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10 Reasons Why Insulated Lunch boxes Are Great for You and the Environment

PUNJAB NEWS EXPRESS | April 02, 2021 04:57 PM

No matter what your age or profession is, be it summer or winter, you can always make good use of an insulated lunch box. You’ll need a Lunchbox if you’re a school goer, have a 9-5 job, going for a short hike, arranging a picnic, going out for a football match and you don’t quite the hotdogs they sell at the stalls, an evergreen adventurer, or simply looking for something amazing and useful to gift to your friend, family or colleague. Students, Professionals, sports fans and outdoor enthusiasts all have one thing in common: love for fresh and steaming hot packed lunches.

However, some people still pack lunches in an old-fashioned brown paper bag or a plastic tiffin box, instead of an insulated lunch box But you know that food turns cold, dry and bearly eatlable if it’s kept in an old-fashioned lunch box or even worse a plastic lunchbox for longer than 2 hours. So, what comes to the rescue?

Insulated lunch boxes help maintain food at a safe temperature until lunchtime. So, if you’re packing a hot lunch? Use an insulated container to keep your food hot until lunchtime.

Reasons Why Insulated Lunchboxes are the best!

  1. Temperature Control

You can use insulated lunchboxes for keeping your food hot or even cold. This means that if you are leaving in the morning for school, work or travel, you just need to pack hot food right from the stove in an insulated lunch box and it would keep it warm until lunch time. 

  1. Good For Storing Cold Meals Too

Cold cuts of meat, sandwiches, cheese and yogurt, and desserts deserve to be eaten a little bit cold. Even cold pasta works great for a few people. With an insulated lunch box, food items can stay cold and safe to eat until lunchtime. 

  1. Easy to Use And Easy to Carry

Insulated Lunchboxes come in different shapes and sizes. There are plenty of options in the market available today to suit your needs and a good insulated lunchbox will be super easy to carry, easy to clean, microwave safe and super easy to store. The compartments in the insulated lunchbox may vary and you can choose the one depending on your food portions.  

  1. Plastic Free and Safe

Choose an insulated lunch box that is made of stainless steel and BPA - free materials. 

  1. Tons of Variety

You can get them in different shapes, sizes, cost and designs. A lunch bag can be easily folded and stored when not in use. If you’re planning on giving a gift to your friend, family or colleague then this makes the best choice. You can even get them personalized. 

  1. Budget friendly

Okay, let’s get this straight. A plastic lunchbox maybe cheaper. Do they really result in low expenditures? At the end of the day, NO! Why? Because you forgot to include the replacement costs. If you look at the cost of these lunch bags, then you will find that it can easily fit into your promotional budget. You can always oblige your employees, partners or  clients by offering them as gift. 

  1. Keeps Food Fresh Till Lunchtime

Not only is heat retained in an insulated lunch box, but it also keeps the food fresh for hours. So, if you are someone who wants to eat yummy food hot and fresh even after hours, an insulated container is the best for you. Go ahead and start eating fresh food every day. It is much better for your health than the chemically leached plastic lunchbox that you carry every day to work. 

  1. Chemical Free

First and foremost, insulated lunch boxes are safe for everyday use. One of the main reasons why you need to get one for yourself. They do not leach harmful chemicals into your food like plastic lunchboxes. They are lined with no toxic metals or chemicals. You can easily get BPA free insulated Lunchboxes at an affordable price. 

  1. Cost Effective

An insulated lunch box is highly cost-effective and provides amazing usability for the money you pay. You will never go back to a plastic lunch box after owning an insulated one.  

  1. Environment friendly

Unlike plastic lunchboxes that are already getting accumulated and destroying our planet in the most adverse ways, insulated lunchboxes are environmentally safe. They will not cause problems for the environment in the long run. Unless we want our future generation to live on a plastic planet, plastic abuse must stop.

Last Words

The above article list all the reasons why insulated Lunchboxes are definitely a best friend to both you and the environment.

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