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Garvita Sadhwani: Took me three hours to put on, remove prosthetic make-up

IANS | March 29, 2023 03:29 PM

MUMBAI: 'Main Hoon Aparajita' actress Garvita Sadhwani shared how it took her three hours to put on and remove the prosthetic makeup daily in the show.

Garvita, who is playing the role of Mohini (Shweta Gulati)'s daughter, Niya, shared: "As an actor, I aspire to experiment with art. And after shooting the fire sequence, I'm quite ecstatic. I'm a big fan of costumes, make-up, prosthetics and changing my look as I get to experiment and play around with different things. There were burnt bruises that I had to put on throughout the scenes and while it was surely a task in maintaining it, I believe in the end the effort was truly worth it."

In the upcoming episodes, she is shown to be caught in a fire and burnt badly and for this she needed prosthetic make-up. She shared how challenging it was to put on the entire make-up and then remove it.

She added: "It was quite a challenging role for me and I'm grateful such an interesting character development came my way. It took me three hours to put on and remove prosthetic makeup on an everyday basis, which was a very time-consuming task. And I must say, all the credit goes to the makeup artists who made this happen."

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