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Israel Government planting fake stories about knowing whereabouts of its hostages

PUNJAB NEWS EXPRESS | November 26, 2023 10:11 PM

LONDON: The Israeli Government through media agencies is planting fake stories to descrdit Hamas and gain public sympathy after inprecedented destruction and killings of thousands of civilian Palastinians in attack on Gaza.

A fake story about Israel knowing the shereabouts of places where hostages are kept by Hamas but still negotiating with Hamas on their terms.

The story quoting unknown sources appearing in media in UK said, "Shabak internal security agency knows where "many" of the 240 Israeli hostages are being kept -- but cannot rescue them from Hamas' clutches without risking a large number of civilian deaths among the Palestinian population."

The story which apeared in a London newspaper clains that locations range from "facilities such as hospitals to apartment buildings" said a source, who added that "many locations are heavily defended and even booby-trapped, designed to cause as many casualties as possible if there is a rescue attempt".

The newspaper underlined that Hamas doesn't care about innocent Palestinians dying. Though the whole world watched it how the Israeli soldiers killed the innocent Palestinians including over 6000 children, attacked hospitals, UN shelter homes and schols in the name of eliminating Hamas.

The newspaper mentioned that some 240 Israelis were kidnapped and taken to Gaza during the October 7 atrocity, where Hamas terrorists raided a series of Israeli kibbutzes, homes and even a music concert but it ignored the fact that hundereds of Palestine civilians and children are languishing in Israel jails for years. Even after October 7 attack by Hamas, the Israel army arrested over 3000 civilians from occupied west bank and killed many on the spot.

The action of Israel is being criticised wordl over and protests are held in almost all countries. The protesting citizens have also flayed the role of US government which is supporting the Israel.

Israel government has claimed that Hamas is reorganising thelselves for attack on Israel. While on the other hand Israel ministers are issuing statements that they are preparing for bigger assault on completion of four days ceasefire.

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