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Chandigarh's Revised EV Policy Prioritizes Charging Infrastructure and Incentives

Y.S.Rana | November 24, 2023 05:14 PM

CHANDIGARH: In a move towards sustainable urban mobility, the Chandigarh Administration has undergone a review of its Electric Vehicle (EV) Policy, chaired by the Administrator, Banwarilal Purohit, and Adviser to the Administrator, Nitin Yadav, in consultation with various stakeholders.

The EV Policy, an innovative stride in the nation's green initiatives, faced two comprehensive reviews in July 2023 and October 2023 due to evolving circumstances, primarily the evolving charging infrastructure landscape. During the second review, the Administrator expressed the need for a fresh evaluation before November 27, 2023, and temporarily suspended the capping on the registration of two-wheelers and four-wheelers.

Chandigarh Administration has unanimously taken following decisions to strengthen the EV policy
1. Building an EV Ecosystem:* The Administration recognizes the pivotal role of a robust charging infrastructure. Steps will be taken to expedite the establishment of charging stations, ensuring operational efficiency to instill public confidence in Battery Operated Vehicles.
2. Promoting EV Adoption:* The capping of registration of vehicles has been removed and aggressive promotion of cash incentives for e-vehicle purchasers will be a priority. The process will be streamlined for consumer convenience, minimizing paperwork to encourage voluntary adoption of e-vehicles.
3. Combatting Pollution:* An accelerated Source Apportionment study by IIT Kanpur/IIT Ropar will be done to identify pollution sources within six months. The findings will be incorporated into EV Policy amendments, aligning them with the study's outcomes.
4. Tax Rebate Precision:* Tax rebates in the strong hybrid category will be targeted specifically for vehicles below Rs.20.00 lakhs , ensuring that the benefits are extended only to strong hybrid vehicles purchased and registered within the jurisdiction of UT Chandigarh. A 50% Motor Vehicle tax rebate will be granted accordingly.
5. Policy Refinement:* The Early Bird Incentive/general incentive will undergo a comprehensive review, seeking approval from the Hon’ble Administrator, UT Chandigarh separately.
The Chandigarh Administration remains committed to sustainable urban development, fostering an environment conducive to the widespread acceptance of electric vehicles. This revised EV Policy reflects a dynamic approach to address evolving challenges while ensuring a positive and progressive transition toward eco-friendly mobility solutions.

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