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Architectural Inheritance and Evolution in India—building a new identity

YS RANA | October 28, 2023 12:23 PM

CHANDIGARH: Architectural Inheritance and Evolution in India, a new book authored by Ar Apurva Bose Dutta and published by Altrim Publishers furthering a lineage or building a new identity. It brings forward the narratives of ten architectural families of India reflecting on how architecture situates itself in the bonds within architectural families.

The volume explores how the introduction, journey, understanding, interpretation, and approach of architecture can develop across family members. Traversing the families’ individual and collective philosophies and contributions, it further depicts the complexity of navigating personal and professional equations in a space where divergent notions of creativity and opinions prevail. Such notions translate into analogous or disparate journeys, varying interpretations of ideologies, and multiple working approaches in architects of the same family.

The diverse tales of the architectural expeditions of the 44 architects in the ten families-Sumit Ghosh and family (New Delhi); Uttam C Jain and family (Mumbai); Jenvgavus (Bangalore); Shahs and Khannas (Bangalore); Khans (Nagpur); Kenvindes (New Delhi) Puris (Mumbai); S.D Sharma and family (Chandigarh); Zacharias (Kochi) and Shahs and Gores (Mumbai ranging from a 20-year-old to a 90-year-old, symbolise the colossal transformation of architecture over the decades).

The book will appeal to the Architectural, Design and Building industry, readers who value spaces and the understated role of architects and architecture, and those who are a part of family practices and are interested in the synergy of creative heads working together. “Today, in a world of great diversity, the task of unifying, which is the fundamental of architecture, is welcomed from all directions of human society via all the senses and elements that constitute life. This book opens a new chapter and direction in the lives of young architectural professionals. This direction which was thought of as a family-dictated one can now be declared as one giant step that families in future will take up with immense involvement. A whole new chapter of architecture awaits the built world of human society!

Expressing architecture in a format other than the built environment and communicating the differences of the architecture of families within a format of discipline is an accomplishment every habitat and habitant should take the time to read and comprehend. Literature has the power to open a new facet of human habitat as realized through the creation of spaces travelling to a new horizon of expression. This literature, authored and curated by Apurva, opens a new dimension of comprehending and expressing imaginative innovation. I would say, Just Read It, ” says a renowned architect.

Authoring and curating a book on architectural families in India was part of Apurva's conscience for a few years; however, the pandemic and lockdown were the real impetus. Whether the blessed ones who spent additional time with their families or those separated from their families during the pandemic– both developed an increased awareness of the relevance of families. The circumstances forced everyone to work out of home, and the boundaries between home and work vanished, additionally for those family members working together. The family members spent adequate time with each other, thus being more aware of their professional dynamics.

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