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World Turban Day was celebrated at the Khalsa College school

AMRIK SINGH | April 12, 2024 06:35 PM

AMRITSAR: Dastar has a special place in civilized society, religious world, political and literary field. At one time, only the person on the throne had the right to wear a turban. The Sikh Gurus have given the right to wear this turban and globally the turban of a Sikh is his unique identity and pride of leadership. These words were expressed by Principal Dr. Khalsa College Senior Secondary School on the occasion of celebrating World Turban Day. Inderjit Singh Gogoani did.

Explaining the greatness of the said day, he said that on the first day of Visakha, the World Turban Day is celebrated with great fanfare in the country and abroad. He said that a competition for decorating beautiful turbans of students dedicated to the said day was organized at the school, in which about four hundred students participated.

He said that the students of 6th to 8th (1st class), 9th, 10th (2nd class) and 11th, 12th (3rd class) students were organized to decorate beautiful turban. On this occasion, students who decorated beautiful turbans were selected and encouraged by giving mementos. On this occasion, school teachers Mr. Rajbinder Singh Sandhu, Mr. Sharanjit Singh Bhangu, Mr. Mohabbatpal Singh, Mr. Bhagwan Singh, Mr. Lakhwinder Singh, Mr. Davinder Singh performed the responsibility of judging the beautiful turban. Other staff and students of the school were present on this occasion.

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