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Sikh education Institutions to ' Madrasso ' lines Feather financial help _ Central Govt. : Prof. Sarchand Singh Khiala

AMRIK SINGH | August 24, 2022 07:19 PM

AMRITSAR:Professor Sarchand Singh Khiala, the Sikh leader of the Bharatiya Janata Party teaching Institutions to Islamic educational institution ' Madrasso ' lines Feather financial help available Appealed to the Central Government to get it done.

National Minority Chairman of the Commission and Member of Parliamentary Committee and Central Election Committee of BJP Shri . Iqbal Lion While meeting at Lalpura at his official residence in New Delhi, Prof: Khiala led by BJP District General Secretary Arvind Sharma and Sukhwinder Singh Matewal, through Shri Lalpura, Prime Minister Narinder Modi and the Central Minority cases Of Minister , India government, mrs Simrati Zubin Told Irani that in 1993 minority communities Of educational , social And financial Improvement Of for national _ Minority of the Commission (NCM) Establishment India government By One Legislator Institution Of Form In Of Went Was. that today Minority cases Of Ministry , India government Of under Comes Is And Minority communities Of uplift And Development Of For Continuously Work do Stayed Is. This commission has Muslim And Christian communities Feather Specific Meditation Gave Is. whereas many ways In Sikh community Of the problems And needs Of ignore Of Go doing Is. Sikh community, which Own population of only 2 percent having Of Despite this , India Of Freedom Of 90 percent for From More sacrifice did And just Too Big number In Country Of borders Of Defense Of For army In is .

Muslim community Of people To education provide to do Of For commission By One New initiative Of Form In Islamic education system Of integral Organ Of Form In Developed ' Madrasas ' _ heavy financial help Gave Go doing Is. But Unfortunate From Minority Sikh community To This type Of Facility provide to do of any provision No did Gone Is. whereas many Sikh teaching Institute Where Poor families Of Children education Received do are are finance _ Of case In Big challenges of face to do Of Besides , they just Too many difficulties From Struggling are Huh. Professor Sarchand Singh Khiala said that the Sikh community, who made many sacrifices for the freedom of the country, deserves a special honor in India. he national Minority Commission , Prime Minister and Central Minority cases Of requested the minister _ That That type Muslim teaching Institutions , Madrasas Of Development And infrastructure Of financial aid for Grant Gave Go Stayed is the same type Sikh institutions By driven teaching institutions and students To Too financial help Gave Go. This type Muslim community Of girl students To quality education provide to do Of For Maulana free National fellowship And Queen Hazrat woman National Scholarship e.t.c provide Of Go doing but the Sikh community

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