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Science Exhibition held at Indus Public School Mohali

PUNJAB NEWS EXPRESS | March 08, 2024 07:47 AM

MOHALI: Indus Public School organized a science exhibition at its campus. During the full week, there were science exhibitions, lectures, seminars, and demonstrations of scientific experiments. They participated in quizzes and games designed to impart scientific knowledge. The students participated in the activities with great zeal and zest. The program was intended to instill a positive attitude, and discipline and develop the creative and innovative potential of young minds.

The students displayed their creative scientific potential in diverse arenas revolving around themes of contemporary significance, namely, Agriculture and food security, Sources of energy and their conservation, Transport and communication, Disaster Management, Health, Robotics, and engineering sciences. Students were at their innovative best as they designed their automobiles, hovercraft, motorboats, metal detectors, echo rangers, rural air conditioners, and earthquake impact detectors to unique designs for tapping alternative sources of energy and new ways to conserve the conventional ones. The event in itself ignited the scientific curiosity in children and gave them a platform to give concrete dimensions to their ideas, from the zone of imagination to realism.

School Director Col. S.P.S Cheema said the exhibition didn’t only kindle the scientific lamp of inquisitiveness in children but also further ignited the flame due to children’s exposure to a wide variety of scientific concepts, principles, and their application.

Parampreet Principal of the school commended the students for evincing a keen interest in science and related subjects. She further added that the event not only fostered a reflective journey in children on the path of scientific discovery but further enhanced the significance and utility of collaborative learning emerging from such activities. She encouraged students to think about how they can contribute to science in the future.

Photo Caption: Students showing their Science Models during a Science exhibition held at the Indus Public School.

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