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PU Institute of Fashion Technology organises skill enhancement course

PUNJAB NEWS EXPRESS | March 04, 2024 08:17 PM

CHANDIGARH: Centre for Skill Development and Entrepreneurship and University Institute of Fashion Technology and Vocational Development organized a five day skill enhancement course titled ‘Creative Compositions: Inspirations, Techniques and Computer Application’. This contemporary art course is sponsored by RUSA.

Today marked the first day of the Contemporary art course focusing on acrylic painting on canvases, aimed at nurturing artistic talent and fostering creative expression.

The course comprised three insightful sessions, each meticulously curated to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of acrylic painting techniques and methodologies.

The inaugural session was conducted by the esteemed Dr Prabhdip Brar, who captivated the audience with an illuminating discourse on the works of prominent national and international artists. Participants were treated to a mesmerizing journey through the diverse styles and techniques employed by renowned painters, igniting inspiration and creative vision.

Following the engaging introduction, the course transitioned to the second session, facilitated by the talented Sonal A. Singh. Through interactive drawing exercises and composition development, participants honed their artistic skills and explored innovative approaches to visual storytelling. Sonal A. Singh's guidance empowered participants to conceptualize and refine their ideas for canvas compositions, laying the groundwork for their creative endeavors.

The final session of the day featured Dr. Anand Shende and Sonal A. Singh, who shared invaluable insights into the meticulous preparation of canvases for acrylic painting. Through live demonstrations and expert guidance, participants gained practical knowledge of canvas priming, surface preparation, and techniques for achieving optimal paint adhesion. Dr. Anand Shende and Sonal A. Singh's expertise equipped participants with essential skills to enhance the durability and visual impact of their artworks. Additionally, the course received guidance and support from Professor Suveera Gill, the Honorary Director of the Centre for Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, whose dedication to fostering artistic talent and promoting skill development has been instrumental in shaping the workshop’s vision and objectives. The first day of course marks the beginning of an inspiring journey for aspiring artists, providing a platform for exploration, learning, and artistic growth. Students, research scholars and faculties from various departments of Panjab University, Chandigarh, are participating in the workshop.

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