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Program on menstruation hygiene at RBU

PUNJAB NEWS EXPRESS | March 13, 2024 02:50 AM

MOHALI: Department of Management, University School of Management Studies, Rayat Bahra University, conducted an awareness program on menstruation hygiene “Let’s Normalize the Period Talk” in association with Meshaan foundation, a city-based NGO that works for various social causes, as a part of their educational social responsibility. RJ Manav, actor, model, anchor, story, and screenplay writer was the special guest on the occasion.

Meshaan is a social group from Gen Z who believes “We don’t need a reason to help”. Two hands join together in the logo, which means we come together to make this world a better place for the generations. ‘Meshaan’ adds a pursuit to the divine which guides us. ‘Eshaan’ means peace and adding an ‘m’ to it forms Meshaan pronounced as mission which refers to our mission of bringing peace.

RJ Manav has been actively involved in promoting menstrual hygiene awareness through his shows and social media platforms.

Speaking on the occasion, RJ Manav and Dr Prabhjot Guron stressed on the need of normalizing conversations about menstruation and that poor menstrual hygiene can pose physical health risks and linked to reproductive and urinary tract infections. Creating awareness and openness is one of the most effective ways to teach girls how to properly manage their menstrual hygiene.

Dr Parvinder Singh, Vice-Chancellor of Rayat Bahra University, reiterated the need of holding events which enhance economic and community development and helped create opportunities for decent and productive work for young and old. He also appreciated the mission and work of Meshaan Foundation and encouraged the students to come forward and extend their help for betterment of the society.

Anshu Gauba, Head of the Department of Management, Rayat Bahra University, congratulated Meshaan Foundation and RJ Manav for taking a lead in raising the issue.

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