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Magnificent Display of Indian Culture at LPU's annual 'One India-2024' Cultural Fest

ASHOK KAURA | April 18, 2024 10:36 PM

PHAGWARA: LPU Campus got transformed into a vibrant realm of Indian culture & heritage when its annual mega cultural fest 'One India-2024' commenced with great splendour and spectacle. This 12th edition of the fest witnessed an awe-inspiring display of equality, diversity, and inclusivity as students from across the country showcased the magnificence of their respective states, and joined hands with others.

For this, a large number of Indian festivals, rituals, cultures, traditions, dances, songs were showcased and performed on, in full mirth and merriment. Students raised slogans for oneness, particularly “Bharat Mata Kee Jai” and “Hum Sab Ek Haen”, amid showcasing of large diversity of the country. The fest had an impressive line-up of activities, featuring 29 exhibition stalls that provided a glimpse into the rich heritage, art, and cuisine of each state and union territory. On-looking 25000+ students were also enthralled by the diverse range of products, handicrafts, and other related things that were on display. The fest also showcased 29 folk music & dance-performances, 3 kms long variegated cultural procession- which added magnanimity and lustre to the fest.

Carrying the theme of "Equality, Diversity, and Inclusivity"; this year's fest aimed to celebrate the glorious Indian philosophy that binds the entire nation together. The festival welcomed students from all corners of India, who not only represented their states but also collaborated with their peers from different regions. The event was celebrative and informative with massive presentations made by 4000+ participating LPU students, hailing from all Indian states & union territories. Even international students of 40+ countries worked together with their Indian counterparts to prove the fest grand in form and aim.

LPU Chancellor Dr Ashok Kumar Mittal inaugurated the fest and congratulated all at the fest for upholding India’s magnanimity in its diversity, as also maintained at the campus itself. Dr Mittal encouraged students to always stand united in all of their endeavours for the betterment of the community, country and the world. Pro-Chancellor Rashmi Mittal accompanied him. While visiting the individual stalls raised by students; both of them appreciated the incredible enthusiasm and collaboration displayed. They inspired students to go ahead in all unified works for the betterment of the student community.

An ‘Art Exhibition-Abhivykati’ was also organized where different departments presented their exclusive creations of their students. The English department displayed original poems, comics, slogans and more to publish soon; fine arts exhibited art pieces in diverse forms; architecture put forth artisan works in diverse textures; fashion came out with dresses for different occasions; hotel management with delicious delicacies; and so on.

Illustrative factor of the celebration was that students of a particular state were seen working and performing for the other state. Andhra Pradesh students were seen in the Punjab tableau; whereas, Kerala students showcased all about Maharashtra state. By doing so, students availed a broadened opportunity to celebrate and pay respect to one-another’s culture. In fact, India is known for its rich cultural heritage, where diversification is the identity of the country.

Students performed on diverse Indian classical and folk dances including Bharatanatyam (Tamil Nadu), Kathak (North, West and Central India), Kathakali (Kerala), Kuchipudi (Andhra), Odissi (Odisha), Manipuri (Manipur), Mohiniyattam (Kerala), Sattriya (Assam), Bhangra/Giddha (Punjab, North India), Garba (Gujarat), Ghumar (Rajasthan) and many more

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