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Brookfield International School organized workshop on ‘Good touch, bad touch’

PUNJAB NEWS EXPRESS | March 15, 2024 12:24 AM

\MOHALI: Brookfield International School, Siswan Road organized a workshop to educate students of Good touch and bad touch. Students were informed at the moment that an unwanted touch can appear in any form, and it is not limited to sexual abuse only. They were also explained how certain body parts should be protected from intrusion.

They were also taught to say no to strangers who offered them treats, toys or rides. Children were informed to shout or fight back if they confronted any kind of such situation with someone. Parents were also informed that they should encourage their children to tell them if they sense such kind of activity. Besides, they should also Let their children know that they are not going to be punished or scolded for that and there is no reason to feel guilty.

President of the school Manav Singla said at the moment that watching news reports about kidnapping or abusing children is terrifying for parents of young children. If children are made aware then they can raise an alarm at the right moment and can be saved. He further added that such workshops are fruitful for even young children to understand the difference between right and wrong.

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