Haryana engineers perturbed over non acceptance of their demands

April 17, 2018 06:33 PM

Punjab News Express/Vinod Gupta
CHANDIGARH: Haryana Power Engineers are greatly perturbed over the non acceptance of their long pending demands and arbitrary transfer policy.The management has failed to grant a meeting with Association to discuss their problems for the last about six months.

Haryana Power Engineers Association in its executive meeting held today condemned the transfer policy which has been formed to divide the engineers . The transfer policy does not allow rotation of all the engineers but pick and chose policy has been made to favor their blue eyed engineers.

The persons working in field are not allowed to opt for head office posts and vice versa. The field engineers has been forced to remain in field and this is violation of natural justice. The Association condemns the arbitrariness in allocating marks in guise of policy. K K Malik General Secretary said there is no base for assessing the individual performance as the marks are given in arbitrary way.

The Association welcome the acceptance of its demand for revival of post of engineer-in-chief in Discoms. However the abnormal delay in the promotions of engineers at various levels .The promotion should be made immediately as and when a vacancy arises.

The Association also condemns the allowing tenders in DDU scheme to vendors ignoring their financial capability leading to corruption. Tenders worth 250 crore have been allocated against vendors financial capability of 40 crore.

Similarly three phase meters which were purchased with deviation in specifications and ordered to installed are now being removed causing huge financial loss to Discoms.

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