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Toxic air posing threat to wildlife in Kanpur

November 16, 2019 04:20 PM

KANPUR: After humans, increasing air pollution is now posing a threat to wildlife also. The toxic atmosphere is causing changes in the behaviour of animals, besides slowly affecting there health, in Kanpur Zoological Park.

Kanpur Zoo's Veterinary Officer R.K. Singh told IANS: "Pollution does not affect directly. Similar to human beings, it slowly kills animals. However, we have not witnessed the death of any animal due to pollution but dirt particles were found in the lungs of a tiger, who died a natural death last month. Some other outer elements were also found stuck to his lungs".

Pollution's effect was also noticed on other animals who died before it, he added.

"Increasing noise pollution is stopping mountain bears and rhinoceros from mating. These animals prefer a noise-free atmosphere to mate but due to the noise they are not going close to their partners. They release unique hormones in a favourable atmosphere that help in mating. But noise pollution is barring them from doing so, " the officer said.

Zoo Assistant Director A.K. Singh said: "Noise and air pollution are severely affecting the animals in Kanpur. They are either becoming jittery or lazy. Moreover, construction work going on round the clock is also adding to their uneasiness."

Construction of a new roadways bus terminus and a building near the zoo is disturbing the animals.

The National Green Tribunal had stopped the construction but it has now given conditional permission to resume it.

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