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Art studio 'Merraki' launched

October 15, 2019 04:10 PM

NEW DELHI:The capital witnessed the launch of yet another art studio on Tuesday -- Merraki Art Studio by artist Nandita Jain at Mehrauli. She is also exhibiting a collection of 50 sculptures made by her, each one looking beyond the intricacies of conventional design to more modern, linear and bold forms.

From a vivacious animal series to a larger than life representation of flora and fauna, the show personifies everyday life, presenting it in a dramatic art form.

Talking about her work, she elaborated, "My sculptures add a lot of spunk and character wherever they are placed and tend to become conversation pieces. Larger than life paint tubes, Rubik cube-like squares, the plus sign, large hibiscus flowers being some of the many themes that mark a Merraki piece."

Born in Kolkata and a trained classical singer, she said, "That city encourages you towards art. Right from seeing veteran artists of the Bengal school, to other forms of performing arts, I have always enjoyed and appreciated art in all forms, both, fine and performing."

For Nandita, sculpture is a therapy, and meditative process. "It's a way to connect your hands with your heart. Especially given that the sculpting process is so tedious."

Merraki, a contemporary sculpture studio adds a dash of colour and chutzpah to the world of fine art. The art objects aim to add a sense of chic to any home, be it a sprawling farm, a city house or a cutting edge studio apartment in the metropolis.

The exhibition at the newly-inaugurated studio will conclude on October 20.

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