Flat numbering in Sector 48 is recipe for confusion

Punjab News Express | June 28, 2019 10:15 AM

CHANDIGARH: There are a number of confusing puzzles surrounding us. Some of which are solved more easily than the others. The big one of course is, allotment of same number to two flats in a big has become a recipe for confusion. The cooperative housing societies’ flats in Sector 48-A and B have been allotted same number to two flats.  This goof-up of the authority not only bring much frustration to the residents but also confusion for them.

The city has a unique numbering pattern in clock-wise direction of residential and commercial properties. Combination of four sub-sectors makes a sector as whole. Each sector is divided into four sub-sectors—A, B, C and D. House numbering 1 to 1000 falls in sub-sector ‘A’ while sub-sector ‘B’ consisting houses from 1001 to 2000 and ‘C’ from 2001 to 3000 and ‘D’ from 3001 to 4000. It means every sector has 4000 residential houses.  

But in Sector 48 the authority has goofed-up the numbering pattern to the harassment and confusion of the people. Kendriya Vihar in sub-sector 48- ‘B’ has been allotted flat number from 1 to 305. Same numbers were allotted in sub-sector 48-A. Sangam Enclave was allotted flat number from 1 to 83, Mayur Vihar from 84 to 171, NFL from 172 to 226, Indian Express Housing Society from 227 to 291 and RCS-CPS from 292 to 355. All these societies have same flat numbers which were allotted Kendriya Vihar.     

The matter came to light when a resident of Sector 48-A went to e-Sampark to deposit house tax. He was shocked to learn that house tax in respect of his flat has been deposited. He made inquiry and found that flat of same number was also existed in Kendriya Vihar in Sector 48-B. Residents of these societies revealed that it was also a postman nightmare. Most of the post and packets of Kendriya Vihar used to deliver by the postman at their flats and vice versa.

Kehar Singh of Sangam Enclave said that even ‘Dak’ pertained to Sector 48-C was being delivered in his residential complex. Another resident said that people who came to meet their relatives at Kendriya Vihar were being dropped in Sector 48-A by the auto drivers. This caused a lot of problem to them as people have had problems with ‘dak’ but even water or electricity bills lost their way as it was delivered at same number flat but to a wrong owner, says Kehar Singh.  

While talking to the official of the Estate Office, said that housing societies have allotted their own temporary flat numbers which were changed with new government numbers. The department has allotted number from Sector 48-A in clockwise direction but the allottees of Kendriya Vihar refused to part with their old numbers. Hence, has created a peculiar situation.

Yet today, both temporary and new numbers are being used. When people tell you their address, most of them do not bother to mention the name of housing society that confuses everyone.                   

Ok, at least that is a 50-50 chance right? The going gets tougher when you are actually on that particular sub-sector and start searching for the number where same number doors contain the same numbers in Sector 48-A, B or C. Yet, pat on the back of the postman if the letters will reach the right house even if you mess up the numbers. But that only shows the diligence of the postal service than anything else.

I wonder if such is the case in any other place,  If yes, do share your experience!

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