Admission to undergraduate courses where Chandigarh is the fairest to fair sex

Y.S.Rana | June 18, 2019 05:24 PM

CHANDIGARH: If number is the scale to measure women empowerment, admission to higher education scene in the city is an example. While gender inequalities prevail in the administration, a point to reflect is that Chandigarh Higher Education seems to be fairest to fair sex in matter of seeking admissions in undergraduate courses in government as well as well as privately managed aided colleges, if the official data of access to admissions is of any indication. Females form 45 per cent of total city’s population but girls outnumber boys in the matter of admissions. City has either ‘all girl colleges” or ‘co-educational colleges’ in nature.

According to official of the education department, the city has five government colleges (PGGC-11, PGGCG-11, PGGCG-42, PGGC-46 and GCCBA-50) and six privately managed aided college-DAV-10, SGGS-26, GGSCW-26, GGDSD-32. MCMDAV-36 and Dev Samaj-45),  Of all these, two government colleges and three privately managed aided colleges are open only to girls while six co-educational colleges are for boys only. Online admission is going on and the process is centralized and monitored by the department of higher education. Girls have access to seek in all 11 colleges but boys can only seek admissions in co-educational colleges.

The government colleges offer admissions in 15 undergraduate courses compared to 36 courses (including three diploma courses). While the government colleges have 4970 seats for various courses girls can apply against all the seats while boys have to apply against 2300 seats only. On the other privately managed aided colleges have 10,785 seats for various courses. Girls can seek admissions against all total seats. But boys can apply for admission only in co-educational colleges that limits their access compared to girls. More brilliant and accomplished boy students in the city eager for admission in undergraduate courses left because of limited seats to accommodate them.   

The official on anonymity told the Daily Post that this disparity should done away with and institutions of higher education should convert into co-educational where both boys and girls have equal stake at the time of admission. A number of boy students lost in getting admissions in the courses of their choice due to limited seats. He further said that academic level of achievement among girls was higher than of boys. This could be seen in pass percentage break-ups of all board examinations. “Presence of the both presence in colleges will increase the level of competition inside the classroom,” he says.

On the other some opinioned that transition would benefit girls. Opening up to girls eliminates the equation of higher education in the city.  “Before going for this change, provisions of infrastructure and facilities for girls be ensured,” said a principal of a college.

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