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Moscow attack aimed at spoiling relations between Russia and Islamic world: Russian Grand Mufti

IANS | April 10, 2024 04:39 PM

NEW DELHI: Russian Grand Mufti Ravil Gainutdin has said that the terrorist attack on the Crocus City concert hall near Moscow was aimed at spoiling the relationship between the Russian Federation and the Islamic world, media reports said.

“The terrorist attack is a severe blow to the Russian Muslim community. The attack was aimed to spoil relations between Russia and the Islamic world, ” Russian Grand Mufti Ravil Gainutdin said, as reported by

On March 22, terrorists attacked the Crocus City concert hall near Moscow leaving 145 dead and more than 500 injured.

Gainutdin said that the US and its Western backers have long been attempting to blow up societies by creating an atmosphere where people of different religions developed enmity between themselves.

He said that the terrorists identified as nationals of Tajikistan have shocked Muslims not only in Russia but across the globe.

Russia has said that there is ‘significant evidence’ of Ukrainian involvement in the terrorist attack.

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