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Israeli survivor slams govt for delay in release of hostages

IANS | March 31, 2024 10:49 AM

TEL AVIV: Hamas hostage survivor Aviva Seigal, whose husband Keith Seigal is still in captivity in Gaza, fumed at the Israeli government and ministers over the delay in the release of hostages.

Addressing a rally on Saturday, she recalled her days in Gaza and said: "I felt so far away from everything I love. Far from everything I know - my four children, my five grandchildren, my family, I felt like I was nothing. They treated me like I was nothing. Luckily I was kidnapped with my husband Keith. He helped me calm down, gave me a feeling that I was not alone, he was there for me..."

"On the inside, I am broken. And I ask you, how am I supposed to live like this? I ask you - the Chief of Staff, the Prime Minister, the Defence Minister - I'm dying here! Do you understand that? We are dying inside here! You talk about victory and 19 hostage women being raped there. You talk about heavy prices and 100 hostages struggling to breathe in dark tunnels, " she added.

Aviva further said that she knew nothing about her husband Keith. "I don't know if he is alone, I don't know if they are giving him food...I don't know if he is alive or not."

She also hit out at the Israeli government for withdrawing from talks without a deal.

Aviva urged the government to bring every hostage back home.

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