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Drone attack by pro-Iranian militias from Iraq on Israel

IANS | May 28, 2024 01:59 PM

TEL AVIV: Pro-Iranian militias in Iraq have reportedly attacked the port city of Eilat in southern Israel with drones.

The group Islamic Resistance in Iraq said early Tuesday morning that it had attacked military targets in the area with three drones.

The attack took place on Monday.

The Israeli army said late on Monday evening that it had intercepted two enemy objects in the area around Eilat. There were no casualties.

The objects had come from the east and had not reached Israeli territory.

Islamic Resistance in Iraq is a kind of umbrella group for pro-Iranian militias in Iraq, which have been operating together under this general name since the terrorist attacks by the Palestinian Islamist Hamas movement in Israel on October 7.

One of the groups is Kataib Hezbollah, which is supported by Iran.

It is one of the strongest militias in Iraq.

The Islamic Resistance in Iraq has already attacked Eilat several times with drones since the outbreak of the war.

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