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Why Technology Makes it Safer to Play Online Than Ever Before

PUNJAB NEWS EXPRESS | January 28, 2021 10:47 AM

With more people playing games online than ever before, technology has had to adapt and evolve in order to maintain safety for players. Security developers have regularly come up with innovative methods to halt hackers in their tracks. The online gaming industry in India is growing, and some players may be wary about sharing payment details on the web. But these players can rest assured that the best tech is in place to protect them.

Online Payment Is on the Increase

India is experiencing an incredible surge in internet users, with numbers rising by more than 66 million in 2020. More than half of the country’s nearly 700 million internet users access the web through mobile, and a lot of these people find themselves paying for games.  For that reason, they need assurances that their information is safe when topping up funds.

Gambling games are particularly popular in the country, with people partaking in everything from roulette to scratch cards. Operators have managed to appeal to the sport-mad Indian nationals with football themed scratch cards and cricket themed ones as well. When players indulge in these offerings, they need to deposit money in their accounts and also be sure that they can withdraw any winnings safely

What Security Systems Are in Place When Playing Online?

Because security is something that is so highly valued by players, every online gaming site that wants to succeed needs to have the most up-to-date protocols in place. This goes way beyond simply entering an email address and password. Instead, when topping up funds, most sites will require users to enter a two-factor authentication code which is sent to their mobile.

For added safety, sometimes the user will be redirected to a secure bank page that requires them to confirm the transaction. When signing up somewhere, players will often have to provide identification. This helps operators ensure that they are only allowing legitimate players at the site.

How Have Smartphones and Tablets Introduced Their Own Security Protocols?

Of course, when playing via mobile there is the added concern that someone might get hold of your device and try to access sensitive information. Luckily, there are some advanced security protocols that have been installed on recent smartphones. These make them virtually impossible to breach in certain circumstances.

The two best tech innovations for keeping mobile devices secure are facial recognition and fingerprint scanners. Both of these protocols have improved greatly in recent times, and on the latest generation of Apple devices they are virtually infallible. By using their own fingerprint to unlock their device, then going through additional safety procedures when logging into a site, players can feel assured that nobody is going to be able to steal their information.

Let’s face it, if there were serious security issues at online gaming sites, they wouldn’t exist. Players can enjoy some peace of mind in the fact that operators and developers constantly come up with new and improved security protocols to ensure safety at all times.

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