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Spotify suffers hour-long outage globally

IANS | November 27, 2020 04:30 PM

NEW DELHI: The Swedish music streaming service suffered a rare outage on Friday as users were unable to listen to their favourite songs for nearly an hour.

The widespread outage affected users in countries across Europe and beyond in the afternoon (India time).

"We've made a few tweaks backstage, so everything should be back to normal. Need more help? Let @SpotifyCares know!, " the company said in a tweet.

The service resumed to normal after an hour or so.

Last Spotify outage happened in August after the company reportedly forgot to renew its TLS certificate (TLS certificates are a sort of digital certificate, issued by a Certificate Authority).

The service also faced problems earlier this year during a broader Facebook iOS SDK problem.

The outage came at a time when the music streaming service Music launched a rolling password reset of some consumer accounts after an open database containing credentials of some users were exposed.

VPN review website vpnMentor said earlier this week that its research team discovered a possible credential stuffing operation whose origins are unknown, but that affected some online users who also have Spotify accounts.

Credential stuffing is a hacking technique that takes advantage of weak passwords that consumers use -- and often re-use -- online.

It is estimated that roughly 300, 000 to 350, 000 accounts were affected in the leak in which email addresses and login credentials - usernames and passwords - were exposed.

The leaked data only relates to a tiny fraction of Spotify's 299 million active monthly user base.

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