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Google to Allow Mobile Gambling Apps on Play Store in 15 More Countries

PUNJAB NEWS EXPRESS | March 02, 2021 04:48 PM

Google has announced that gambling and betting apps will be available on its Play Store in 15 more countries from March 1, 2021. This is a significant change to the current situation where these apps are only permitted in Brazil, France, Ireland, and the UK.

The change means that apps that feature lotteries, casino games, sports betting, and fantasy sports will now be available for people to download and play. This applies as long as the apps are allowed in the relevant countries.

Which countries are covered by the new rules?

Altogether, there are fifteen countries to which the announcement applies. These countries are Australia, Belgium, Canada, Colombia, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, Romania, Spain, Sweden, and the US.

The announcement does not affect mobile gambling apps in India, where gambling and casino games are popular, despite the complex situation regarding the legality of gambling in the country.

Mobile devices are also widely used in the country, which makes many people keen to be able to play the games they love on their devices. This table with popular mobile devices shows which devices that are most common in India and if they are supporting certain casino apps.

Despite the fact that real money gaming apps remain unavailable on the Play Store in India, Google has provided insight into the industry in the country. The company has pledged to work with the industry and the Indian government. It is also in the process of simplifying its policies around loyalty programs and cash prizes that involve in-app purchases.

Developers need to complete the application process

The new rules that Google has announced apply only if the developer of the app completes the application process, which exists for all apps that are made available on the Play Store. The developer also needs to be approved or licensed in the appropriate country.

This includes adhering to laws in the country and adhering to industry standards. Apps that do not meet the criteria will remain unavailable on the Play Store.

Restrictions will still apply in individual countries

It's worth mentioning that Google's changes do not take precedence over individual countries' laws and regulations. For example, whereas the UK permits several different lotteries, some countries only permit a government-run lottery.

In countries like the US, where rules exist on a state-by-state basis, the legal situation can be especially complicated. So, anyone who wants to download a gambling or betting app from the Play Store needs to carefully check the position in their local area and make sure that they can legally do so.

Some people may say that some apps that were previously available in the store have aspects of gambling in them. This could apply to games that use loot boxes or apps that allow access to Wall Street monetary transactions. However, the changes which happen on March 1 are directly related to gambling and casino content, so they are very significant.

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