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Why are the IPL and Cricket Betting Extremely Popular in India?

PUNJAB NEWS EXPRESS | March 31, 2021 09:46 PM

The Indian Premier League (IPL) and cricket betting always go well together for the many fans of this sport in India. Even if the national sport of India is hockey, cricket is still the most-followed sport by the locals, and when it comes to their favorite time of the year, it has to be the IPL season.

Cricket and India have gone a long way together. It was in 1721 when the very first cricket match took place in the country. However, it was mainly in the 1980s when this became popular. This was when local cricketers were invited to play outside the country.

In 1928, the Board of Control for Cricket in India was formed and it served as the governing body for cricket in the country. The board has always been responsible for organizing major cricket events in India. It was in 2007 when the BCCI founded today’s biggest cricket league worldwide, the IPL.

The Popularity of Betting on Cricket

Indians are also known to love gambling, especially many celebrities like Aamir Khan, Jeetendra, Minisha Lamba, and many more. And so, it’s not surprising that India’s love for cricket will lead to betting. Every time a big cricket match is on, fans would flood websites like to be able to place informed bets before the matches begin.

Betting on cricket is becoming more and more popular and this is also thanks to technological advancements. Nowadays, many locals could easily place their bets online. They don’t even need a computer to be able to do so.

India has one of the biggest populations worldwide and the number of mobile users in the country has already reached around 760 million. Out of this number, around 691 million are internet users. This makes online casinos and bookies that offer cricket odds able to cater to more local punters.

Mobile betting also allows the audience to place a wager wherever they are. This means that they can easily place bets while watching at home or even if they are watching a match live. People who are stuck at work before the matches can also place their bets without a hassle. The bottom line is that betting on cricket is now more accessible and convenient than ever.

It’s easy to understand why betting on this sport is a common interest for many. It’s a great way for them to show support to their favorite teams or cricketers. Doing this can also improve their experience as an audience. It adds more thrill and excitement to the matches that they are watching.

What Makes the IPL so Lovable

The Indian Premier League is recognized worldwide, and surely, every aspiring cricketer has dreamt of taking part in this stage.

Every cricket fan knows about the IPL and they definitely should be in love with it. It has all the ingredients that would make it the best cricket league out there. Different nationalities or international players take part in this league and it’s never short of entertainment.

Currently, the IPL has a total of 8 franchises and each represents a state in the country. This is a great avenue for the locals to practice loyalty and show love for their cities. In a way, they also get to be represented in one of the biggest sports events worldwide.

The IPL is also where people can tell that India is producing skilled cricketers who can compete with cricketers of other nationalities. Some of the well-known Indian cricket legends are Sachin Tendulkar, Rahul David, MS Dhoni, Yuvraj Singh, Virender Sehwag, and the current president of the BCCI, Sourav Ganguly. Seeing these cricketers play will make all Indians proud.

Watching the IPL is also quite a social event. Through this, friends and family make time to watch the matches together. When a very big match is on, including famous rivalries like Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings, this is a time when almost everyone is glued to their screens. It will also be the talk of the town for a few days or even weeks.

What makes any sports matches more interesting to watch is seeing how much the players are taking their games seriously. This is to the point that they let their passion get them emotionally. It’s not rare to see IPL players throwing tantrums or getting ready to put on a fight when they find something unfair. Indians love drama, hence the popularity of Bollywood, and the IPL just fits that need for exciting and dramatic scenes.

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