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Roulette Strategy 101 | How To Win In Roulette?

PUNJAB NEWS EXPRESS | January 27, 2023 12:08 AM

Best Roulette Strategy: 666 Betting System

The 666 system is a risky but aggressive online roulette-winning formula. The cover-the-field system, in which you wager on as many numbers as you can, is comparable to this according to the hypothesis, increasing your chances of winning a tiny profit by placing bets on so many numbers at once.

But how well does the 666 roulette system hold up to scrutiny? Let's dig a little deeper into this all-encompassing strategy.

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How Does The 666 Roulette Strategy Work?

A roulette wheel is known as the "Devil's Wheel." There's a legitimate explanation for this: the sum of the digits on a regular wheel is 666, which is the number of the Beast.

The 666 system comes close to allowing you to bet on every single number, though not entirely. In actuality, you placed a wager on every number but four.

This is how it goes:

Let's use a typical European Roulette table like the one in the roulette lobby of the Betway Casino. We'll utilize £1 unit bets.

Step 1:

You wager £36 on either black or red. These outside wagers have a 1/1 payout for a victor.

Step 2: 

Place £4 split bets as shown on the following 12 numbers. Split wagers pay out 17/1.

  • £4 on 0 & 2
  • £4 on 8 & 11
  • £4 on 10 & 13
  • £4 on 17 & 20
  • £4 on 26 & 29
  • £4 on 28 & 31

Step 3: 

The straight-up bets can now be placed. You choose three of the remaining seven numbers and wager £2 on each one.


£2 on 22

£2 on 24

£2 on 35

Stakes TotaL: £66

Let's use an example to learn it more thoroughly. If we bet £66 per spin throughout 10 turns, we win. Three straight-up bets are covered at 35/1, six split bets are covered at 17/1, and the Red is covered at 1/1.

We get off to a good start with a winning red spin and two more successful outside bets. Before getting a straight-up on 22 and another red, we then hit two losers.

We struck two additional winners after a final loss on 15 Black, one of them on our split bet.

The issue is that the three unsuccessful spins completely depleted our cash. Despite landing seven wins in ten spins (including one straight-up number), we still made £156 in the red.

Advantages And Disadvantages of 666 Roulette Game Trick

In roulette, cover-all bets can be advantageous since they allow the player to distribute the risk among the players.

But there are several risks involved in such systems. First of all, each spin requires a sizable wager from you. Additionally, even if you win on even-money wagers, as in the case of the example above, you won't cover your initial investment.

We would have made money if six or seven of our split bets had been successful. If we experience losing spins, it will cost us money to learn this lesson.

For instance, we would have earned £60 if we had 10 consecutive successful spins of £720. And from covering most of the numbers on the table, there is a profit.

The main issue with the 666 methods is that the house always has an advantage over the player. For instance, a straight-up wager pays 35/1. However, the true odds are 37/1. You never receive the true odds as a player.

666 Roulette Trick Conclusion

If you like to spread the risk when playing roulette, the 666 strategy is a beautiful system to try out.

You will always make a tidy profit even if you keep hitting outside bets at 1/1. It carries less risk than only betting on single numbers or even simply red or black.

It's fun to try to Cover the Table Plans with Play Credits. Try out the technique at the Betway roulette tables with no risk.

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