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Sweeping Changes in Dharamshala Municipal Corporation: New Councilors Nominated

ARVIND SHARMA | March 04, 2024 03:02 AM

DHARAMSALA: In a significant political move, the Sukhu government in Himachal Pradesh has initiated a reshuffle within the Dharamshala Municipal Corporation by expelling councilors previously nominated by the now-disqualified MLA, Sudhir Sharma. This decision paves the way for the nomination of new councilors, marking a notable shift in the municipal body's composition.

Late on Saturday evening, acting under Section 3 of the Himachal Pradesh Municipal Corporation Act of 1994, the Governor announced the appointment of five new councilors to the Dharamshala Municipal Corporation. This change was officially communicated through a notification issued by Devesh Kumar, the Principal Secretary of Urban Development.

The newly nominated councilors, chosen for their dedication and service to the community, include Rajeev Mahajan from Depot Bazar, Sanjeev Sharma from Sidhwari, Abhishek Anand from Ward No. 17, Dr. Anurag Khanna from Civil Line, and Randhir Shekhadi from Kotwali Bazar. These appointments reflect the administration's intent to infuse fresh perspectives and energies into the local governance of Dharamshala.

This move comes as a direct counteraction to the nominations made by Sudhir Sharma during his tenure as an MLA. The former councilors nominated by Sharma—Shailendra Acharya, Dina Nath, Mani Mahesh Jora, Nisha Gurung, and Sunil Vikram Khanka—have seen their nominations revoked with immediate effect by the Governor's directive.

The swift changes in the Dharamshala Municipal Corporation's councilor lineup signal a new direction under the Sukhu government's leadership. This reshuffling aims to enhance the municipal body's effectiveness and responsiveness to the needs of Dharamshala's residents, ensuring that governance is aligned with the current administration's objectives and values.

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