Saturday, June 10, 2023


'Madrasas open for students of all faiths'

IANS | January 09, 2023 01:43 PM

LUCKNOW: UP State Madrasa Education Board chairman, Dr Iftikhar Ahmed Javed, has said that students of every faith have the right to get education in state madrasas.

He said, "Madrasas impart modern education in every subject along with religious teaching. If Muslims can get education in Sanskrit schools and colleges, why can't students of other faiths get educated in madrasas? I do not think one should discriminate between students on account of religion. I have also been a student of Banaras Hindu University."

The statement was in response to a notice of the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR).

A letter signed by Priyank Kanoongo, chairperson, NCPCR, had asked for a detailed inquiry of all government funded/recognised madrasas admitting non-Muslim children.

The inquiry should include physical verification of children.

Subsequent to the inquiry, all such children should be admitted to schools for formal education, it said.

The letter also directed to undertake mapping of all unmapped madrasas in state/UTs and admit any/all children into schools for availing formal education with immediate effect.

The letter has also sought a copy of action taken report (ATR) within 30 days for records and further appropriate necessary action.

Dr Javed said: "The madrasas, as an invaluable instrument of traditional education, have played a vital role in spreading literacy among the downtrodden segments of society. Students can be of any faith."

There are certain madrasas in the state where Sanskrit and other languages are taught. Madrasas are also teaching science, mathematics and other subjects, he said.

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