Sunday, August 01, 2021


Load crash in Haryana and Punjab after a thunderstorm

VINOD GUPTA | June 15, 2021 05:56 PM

CFHANDIGARH: The power demand in Haryana and Punjab crashed today following thunderstorms and rain in parts of both states.

Today was the first day of paddy season in the Haryana and the power demand in the state was expected to rise but thunderstorm and rain in the evening the power demand crashed by more than 2700 MW and the state was underdrawing its share by 2135 MW at one time.

The Haryana load at 3 PM was 7500 MW which came down to 4790 MW at 5 PM.

On Monday the maximum demand in the state was 8889 MW and it supplied 1808 lakh units. The thermal generation was 436 lakh units. Two units of Yamuna Nagar thermal and Panipat thermal are running. Both units of CLP Jhajjar are also running.

In Punjab, power demand also dipped by 1500 MW as it power demand dipped from 10130 at 3 PM to 8250 MW. Punjab was underdrawing around 1000 MW from the grid in the evening.

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