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Bureaucracy mars Baba Balak Nath Multi speciality Hospital Project- feels Dr PC Sharma

Yadavindra S Rana | March 17, 2021 11:18 AM

PARKASHPUR/CHAKMOH (H.P):A vision without action is called a day dream but then again action
without a vision is called nightmare. Most of the bureaucrats work in this way and one of such
visions that could not turn into action is Baba Balak Nath Multi-speciality Hosptal after 40 years.
Pleas of the state government in the past that temples were taken over for well management but it
did not go well with the public even today.
Notably, Himachal Pradesh is the only state where temples management are being headed by
the bureaucrats with least accountability and huge facility thus, obviously, the present management
system remained arrogant, adamant and undemocratic in their response to public exigencies for
want of requisite expertise and experience, feels Dr Sharma. In other Indian states, the incumbent
Governors and Chief Ministers are the chairmen and vice chairmen of the temple trusts respectively
along with galaxy of eminent personalities from varied and versatile background with great acumen
as managing trustees and hence the Temple Management system works with adequate efficiency
and proficiency.
Moreover, additionally, Dr Sharma also proposes for constituting Baba Balak Nath University
on the pattern of Mata Vaishno Devi University in view of cementing, strengthening and proper
functioning of hitherto educational, technical and medical institutions. Fortunately, people have
been living with internationally famed Baba Balak Nath Temple over the centuries and the temple
has been providing rich revenue exchequer to the government.
Some people have even advocated that all Hindu Temples should be run by an authority on
the pattern of Shiromani Gurdwara Prabandhak Committee (SGPC) that betterly runs and controls all
Sikh Temples across the country and outside in more technical, spiritual and specialized manner.
A dream project of having 200-bed Multi-speciality Hospital by the name of Lord Shiva’s
universally acclaimed incarnation deity- Baba Balak Nath which was to come up on the chunk of land
valued crore of rupees of the hereditary right holders of the Sidh Peeth was envisaged by the
government some 40 years ago. Though the hospital project was enthroned by the former Chief
Minister Shanta Kumar with great enthusiasm has now lost its sheen because of apathy and neglect
of bureaucracy rued Sidh peeth’s prominent scion Dr P C Sharma
Villagers of the area have no access to basic medical care and sting was felt severe during
COVID pandemic. Present scene of the area presents a pathetic picture of bad roads connectivity,
unrepaired pathways, lack of safe drinking water, no technical and medical institute and non-
existence of health care paraphernalia all sum up to dereliction of the bureaucracy. Now, the locals
and lakhs of devotees of the Sidh Peeth from India and abroad are raising their arms to free temple
from the clutches of bureaucracy. People were of the opinion that since the taking over the temple
by the Government, there was no improvement in providing civic amenities, health care, education
etc. When the temple was managed by the precursory local committee, it started number of
educational and developmental projects such as degree college, Sanskrit college, schools, museum,
libraries, afforestation and Eco-regeneration schemes; and other civil works etc. The institutional
and developmental works of the area had been in the priority list of the local descendant’s
management committee earlier before temple nationalization by the Government affirmed Dr
People also start asking the bureaucracy about the huge earnings and donations of the
temple pegged at a whooping crores of rupees was spent. They apprehended that the temple’s
earnings and devotees donations were being siphoned to some other purposes and projects outside
the specified area. “It is a matter of great concern that the state government had not taken much
interest in the healthcare dream project of the area, ” said the villagers.
The issue again raised its head when the panchayat of Chakmoh boycotted the recently held
panchayat elections and now about two dozens more adjoining panchayats have joined hands in
their noble cause to express solidarity to support the legitimate demands of the lakhs of masses. The

peoples have accused the Government of showing gross insensitivity to the medical exigency of the
villagers. These panchayats have also decided to boycott all ensuing elections.
The Chairman of the prominent People’s NGO “Jan Jagran Jan Kalyan Society, Dr. PC Sharma
who is globally credited with outstanding contribution and vast experience in multidisciplinary field
of heritage, history, art, architecture, science,   culture, museum, environment and education etc.
vehemently remarked that the Multispeciality hospital could be a lifeline for the locals as well as
lakhs of national and international pilgrims of the Sidh Peeth as the area is presently bereft of any
medical facility within the 55 kilometers of radius.
Besides, huge followers of Baba Balak Nath in lakhs, the Barsar constituency is blessed with
more than hundred of other ancient pilgrim places of historical, architectural and socio-cultural
significance and attracts thousands of audience and tourists in the area including historians and
researchers divulged Dr Sharma.

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