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BJP will form a strong government in Himachal : Rana

Vijyender Sharma | September 11, 2022 09:05 AM

SHIMLA: BJP State co election incharge Devinder Singh Rana attended a meeting of Shimla mandal which was presided by Rajesh Sharda in panchayat bhawan.

Rana said that BJP is the Largest political family of the world. We have grown under the able leadership of Prime minister Narendra Modi. Our National leadership has elevated the image of strong India internationally. It is only Narendra Modi which could do this. Under the leadership of Narendra Modi India is becoming a World leader. Our capabilities are world renowned.

Rana said that the management during the COVID pandemic was remarkable and this could only happen due to a strong leadership in the name of Narendra Modi.

When other countries succumbed to the pandemic, India had minimum losses. He said that Bjp is in attacking mode and we are giving befitting replies to the congres leadership. Congress is fragmented and BJP is United, leaders of congress party are leaving their party whereas BJP is growing in numbers.
Even sitting MLA's of congress are joining BJP. This shows their faith in BJP. Modi and BJP tradition in himachal will stay for a long time.

We are definitely forming the government in 2022, congress stands nowhere in comparison. BJP's National , state , district , mandal and booth President are all strong workers of BJP. 

He said that Kashmir is in good hands and under the guidance of the centre government the law and order situation of kashmir is under control.
We have won uttrakhand and now we will be winning himachal.

He said Congress is a leaderless and a Visionless party, on the other hand BJP has an excellent party mechanism. Our Booth committees are formed on booth level.

There is No scope of congress to win the upcoming general elections. I saw that vehicle worth 8 crore are being used for Bharat jodo Yatra and there are 7 such vehicles in total. This shows the extravagant nature of the congress leaders. They can never understand the comman man.

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