Tuesday, May 18, 2021


Wheat Procurement Process near complition in Kapurthala- 3.58 Lakh MT Procured

ASHOK KAURA | May 03, 2021 04:46 PM

KAPURTHALA: Wheat procurement in Kapurthala district has almost completed as till yesterday 358733 MT of wheat has been procured in all the mandis of the district which is 99.65 percent of last year's 359971 MT.

Deputy Commissioner Deepti Uppal said that it was strongly directed to the various procurement agencies that the payment of the procured wheat should be made to the concerned farmer within 48 hours. Till previous day Rs. 565.36 crore was transfered to farmers account which is 83.41 % of the due payment for wheat procured.

While thanking the.farmers and artiyas for their cooperation in ensuring procurement of wheat during the covid epidemic, she said that during the current season the arrival of wheat was earlier whereas during the last season till date 221762 MT of wheat had been procured.

She also said that special attention was being paid to the lifting after the procurement of wheat, under which more than 15000 metric tonnes was being lifted daily.

Out of the wheat procured, Markfed procured 90806 MT of wheat and paid Rs. 141.38 crore till yesterday. Similarly, Pungrain procured 94138 MT and paid Rs. 180.39 crore.

Apart from this Rs.126 crore was paid against the procurement of 80275 metric tonnes of wheat by PUNSUP whereaa 49520 MT was procured by Punjab State Warehousing Corporation and Rs.87.32 crore was paid against it. FCI has procured 43994 metric tonnes of wheat and paid Rs. 30.27 crore to the farmers.

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