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The way for American investment in Amritsar has been paved, first US-India Strategic Partnership Forum reached Amritsar

AMRIK SINGH | April 02, 2024 11:27 PM

AMRITSAR: American companies are paving the way to invest in Amritsar. Today the ambassador of India in America was in Amritsar on the invitation of Taranjit Singh Sandhu, who is also the Bharatiya Janata Party candidate for the Amritsar Lok Sabha constituency, the President and Chief Executive Officer of the US-India Strategic Partnership Forum visited Guru Nagar for the first time.

Mukesh Aghi termed former ambassador Sandhu as an international brand and said that American companies will come here because of him.

Dr. Mukesh Aghi was here to address the India-US Strategic Partnership Forum and Education and Skills Summit 2024 organized in collaboration with FICCI at a local hotel.

A large number of college students, youth, teachers and principals participated in this conference. Dr. Mukesh Aghi said that Sardar Sandhu invited us to come to Amritsar, due to which the partnership between the two countries is progressing rapidly due to the improvement in India-US relations, now the relations between the US and Amritsar will also be strengthened. We have come to know the emotions of the youth here, they want to do a lot and move ahead in life. There is a need to provide skilled education to empower the youth here.

He said that with the investment of American companies, lakhs of jobs have been created in India.
On this occasion Shailesh Pathak, Secretary General of India's National Chamber of Commerce, FICCI, which is about a hundred years old, termed the youth under 30 as lucky and said that such progress has never been seen in India. He claimed that much has happened in just 10 shawls compared to the previous 30 shawls. He said that it is important for the youth to have skills for them to move forward and while praising Taranjit Singh Sandhu, he said that who knows better than Sandhu how best skills can be imparted. He said that there is a lack of experience that companies do not get good skilled people. You need to do internship in companies, we will help.

Former Ambassador Taranjit Singh Sandhu raised the hope of the students and said that you have to trust yourself. We will work together. Your dreams will surely come true and success will kiss your steps. He informed the new generation about the alternative arrangements and said that one cannot move forward not only with failures but without skills. He said that Amritsar had everything before, even now we have many opportunities, the glory of the city has to be regained. Where did Indore reach? Time has come to change to Amritsar.

He said that USISPF is associated with 400 companies out of the top 500 companies in the world. Out of which many companies are investing in India, now this investment will also come to Amritsar. He said that if the youth get good income opportunities, why would they go out? The youth of Punjab will not be allowed to flow abroad. Nor will Mexico allow a young person to be a victim of an accident on the border.

He said that Dr. The arrival of Mukesh Aghi and Shailesh Pathak will be taken full advantage of. He said that I hope that my old relations will be useful in bringing American companies here. He said that girls from Haryana and other states are advancing in sports, so why are we behind? Two weeks later, the IPL matches will be held in Amritsar. Sports will be revived in Amritsar.

He said that I am always present with you to share experience. He said that the private sector will have to be brought to Amritsar.

He said that Amritsar has more opportunities for tourism. Young people can start startups. There is a need to increase air connectivity for Amritsar. Air Canada is ready to land at Amritsar. The American Consulate will be opened here soon. Visa will be obtained from here. There is no dearth of opportunities for international trade, fruits, vegetables, Amritsar jewellery, shoes, phulkari etc. can be sent to foreign countries from Amritsar through cargo. Amritsar's economic development can be worked on by providing local businesses with the opportunity to partner with leading global industrial brands

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